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    Locos and units you didnt like and still dont miss

    I travelled on thumpers a few times from Eridge to Victoria (commuting to work). I still remember being somewhat surprised, as I sat down next to the window, to be able to see through a pretty wide (a quarter of an inch?) gap between the bottom of the door and the floor straight on to the track...
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    How long should customers retain their ticket for, after they have alighted from the train?

    That supports what I said earlier then: when you are "railside" you need a ticket; when you are not, you don't.
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    South Western Railway Season Ticket Refund - Advice Please

    Normally, season ticket refunds are not backdated at all. Since 17th March train operators have been backdating season ticket refunds for up to 56 days (in other words, they could be backdated to 17th March until 11th May), providing the season ticket was not used in that time. From 12th May...
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    Is delay repay limited to the total cost of the ticket if delayed on both legs?

    It is limited to the value of the ticket.
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    How long should customers retain their ticket for, after they have alighted from the train?

    From a ticketing point of view you can "leave the station" but still be on railway premises. I can't see how you are required to have a ticket valid for travel when you are on the publicly-accessible part of a station (such as in the booking office; in the car park; or on the forecourt). What...
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    Fee-free refunds to end

    It's an industry-wide change. Only tickets purchased on or after 26th August will be subject to the reintroduced charges.
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    Advanced tickets and connections - greater Anglia

    There is currently general acceptance on all services. And there will be until 25th August. This is to facilitate safer travel. You will be fine on the earlier train.
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    How long should customers retain their ticket for, after they have alighted from the train?

    As soon as you are no longer ‘railside’, and are in an area which may be accessed by the public without need of a ticket then you may dispose of your ticket safely. Whether the land is railway property or not is irrelevant (and how could you be expected to know?). The idea that you need to keep...
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    Break of Journey - Off-Peak Day Single with code B3

    Break of journey with these tickets / this restriction is absolutely fine. You shouldn’t have any problems but, sometimes, staff don’t get the rules right.
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    Motspur Park to Milton Keynes Central super off-peak single not showing up on all sites

    The £18.60 Super Off-Peak Single fare you found is from Zone 4 to Milton Keynes Central. Although Motspur Park is in Zone 4, this fare is not valid from Motspur Park, as it's intended to be used on a tube leg into London, and then on the train. NRE is in error in offering this fare. You can find...
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    Railcard question

    No. Minimum 1 adult and 1 child. Max 4 of each.
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    Journey planner allowing user to specify a maximum leg time

    Do you think that 2 hours train travel, divided into two 1-hour journeys, with a break (30 mins?) in between will be significantly safer than a 2-hour train journey with no breaks?
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    St. Helens Line

    Duplicate post from phone ...
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    St. Helens Line

    I too was recently surprised to find that the Huyton to Wigan (via St Helens) Line was just 60mph. It feels very much like a hangover from coal mining / freight / more complex junctions. I appreciate there are a few tight curves (30mph), but with current speed restrictions journey times are...
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    ECML services terminating at Glasgow Queen Street

    Correct, though sometimes I think it did use (the then) platform 9.