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    Total Northern Line failure 04/09

    Sounds about right.
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    Are TFL journey times for London Underground precise?

    Whenever I've compared the journey planner to the Northern Line working timetable it tends to be accurate to the minute, so I can only assume it's the working timetables which provide the data to it.
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    Programme Machines

    Yes.... just not very well. FCFS is used fairly often at Finchley junction (SB), and NOOT occasionally at Kennington (SB). I wouldn’t risk using it in the Camden area though!
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    Programme Machines

    The Northern and Jubilee lines still have digital program machines, which can be set by the Signaller to NOOT, FCFS or Normal. (NOOT - No Out Of Turns. FCFS - First Come First Served).
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    Strikes - Central, Waterloo & City and Piccadilly lines 7/11 and 8/11

    The Piccadilly line strike has been called off; the Central & Waterloo & City line strikes are still set to go ahead.
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    TFL Northern line timetable

    Again, seems to be working fine for me. Perhaps, as Mojo suggests, you’re looking at a point to point with very limited direct services, hence you’re getting the correct results. WTT’s are listed here for anyone else who may need them...
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    Harrow Station Group

    Ready to stand corrected, but I doubt a ticket to London Terminals would be valid for a journey into London then onto the tube up to HOH. You could presumably use Chiltern coming south to HOH and then break your journey there to exit. However, you haven't said where you're actually coming from...
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    Commuter 'tries to push past blind man' on escalator at London Bridge

    Trains stop suddenly all the time. Loss of door close visuals being one of the most common reasons on the tube.
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    Commuter 'tries to push past blind man' on escalator at London Bridge

    Regarding why someone with a sensory disability may need a seat, if a train suddenly stops a completely blind person can’t see a pole to hang on to. Regarding dogs tucking themselves out of the way. They are trained to do this, but it requires the person to be sitting. The dogs then occupy the...
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    Blue bodyside indicator light on S-Stock

    Yes it means the train is laying deicing fluid.
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    Child doing safety announcements - Baker St Bakerloo Line

    But you noticed it and listened to the message within the announcement enough to recall it and post about it, which was the whole point. It may sound idiotic, but it works. Though I will readily admit there’s no reason for the volume to be excessively loud.
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    LU announcements regarding 'regulating the service'

    As others have said trains are regulated to (try to) ensure even gaps between trains. It doesn’t matter if the whole line is 20mins late as a customer we’ll still see exactly the same train intervals, theoretically. If you’re asking why the driver was so specific with 68 seconds it’s because...
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    Not in Service London Underground services

    The Northern line has several test runs a day between the two major depots at the moment, which are brake block conditioning runs
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    Quick q: train dispatch at Tottenham Hale

    The StanEx units do have in-cab CCTV. You can see each camera poking out at the end of each carriage. If an older unit were to be run on the StanEx (a 317 for example) then it would require CD/RA at Tottenham Hale if staff were present.
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    Any LUL train operators who can explain the radio? And more...

    Mojo has covered most things, only thing I'll say is controllers don't ignore calls on the open channel, it's just often they don't hear them. Unless the controller has the radio headset to his or her ear at that moment it's difficult to hear from the speaker in an open control room at a moment...