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    Why are some PlusBus areas so small?

    Strictly speaking, a local bus must stop at least every 15 miles allowing travel between stops; not necessarily "within" 15 miles. However, as mentioned to the poster below, what you consider local or not may depend on the area and the services provided. Only those nearest to me are my "local"...
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    London Buses Discussion

    It's a Northern Ireland (NI) registration. Although this was a special request by TfL, I think it used to be the case that Wright insisted on registering vehicles in NI before shipping, so a lot of their early minibuses and darts received NI registrations - I recall some in the NDZ series, for...
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    Can big stations put up notices showing which platform for which destinations, like small stations?

    It was definitely still there (albeit on the overbridge, rather than the subway) when I passed through in November.
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    Why are some PlusBus areas so small?

    I also made this error, and corrected it in a subsequent post. perhaps "missing" stations were added to the scheme afterwards? This may just be a matter of personal distinction, as (obviously) I wouldn't - perhaps the degree or urban/rural defines what you consider local? Google Maps tells me 8...
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    Why are some PlusBus areas so small?

    Ah, so it's less "why are some PlusBus areas so small" and more "why isn't there a ticket that suits my needs perfectly, every time I want to use it"... I'm sure we'd all like that! Have you considered writing to the bus companies and/or BCP* Council and ask them to look into multi-operator...
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    Why are some PlusBus areas so small?

    There may be 7 stations in the zone, but as you go to admit yourself, you can't buy a plusbus ticket to all of them. It doesn't really "cover" them - and living in a large conurbation it's not surprising there is more than one station covered. Apologies - I see that the PlusBus site is...
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    Why are some PlusBus areas so small?

    Presumably because MoreBus and Yellow Buses have found it easier to accept on all of their services rather than just some. You may also note that with a few exceptions, it is mostly one large, contiguous, urban area. Chelwood Gate: population 587.... Are you sure it covers 7 stations? PlusBus...
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    Why are some PlusBus areas so small?

    Key word highlighted: Chelwood Gate is approximately 8 miles from both of the stations you quote (slightly less to East Grinstead, slightly more to Haywards Heath). 8 miles is hardly local. To quote from the Plusbus website: The fact that Chelwood Gate is not in even slightly in any urban...
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    Should a 'road tax' be introduced for cyclists?

    There is some irony available when considering this thread in juxtaposition with the thread (and discussions elsewhere) on the TV Licence. One is a thread where people who do not use said services object to paying a "tax" for them, the other is a thread where it is suggested people ought to...
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    Conservative Government on Mission to destroy the BBC

    It was amusing listening to the phone in on BBC local radio this morning, with a large number of people phoning in to say they never use watch BBC TV, don't use the BBC website... then changed the subject when the presenter pointed out they must have been listening to the BBC radio station to...
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    Southeastern prosecution

    I see that the the "catch" was on 17 September at Chatham. It may or may not affect any advice that forum members can give that this was around the time of a large scale revenue blockade (lasting about 6 weeks) where a number of people would have been, and indeed were, caught. (The blockade had...
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    GTR cancellations including not operating from Victoria until 10th Jan

    The key to all of this lies in the train planning; that much has been determined as the cause many times over and isn't really open to discussion any more, no matter how some posters (and commentators elsewhere) may like to think otherwise. It's the sheer complexities of train planning that...
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    How has Manchester lagged behind in information provision?

    Fair story, and they would be one of minority for whom that information would be useful. That's not to say they should be ignored, just that it's a fairly rare circumstance - and they would have got into town anyway, just your advice helped them get there faster. (Would you have advised take bus...
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    How has Manchester lagged behind in information provision?

    It's not surprising that the usual London/Europe inferences were made almost immediately, even though they were slightly misplaced. To the casual outsider with an overarching (but not necessarily precisely-detailed) interest in Manchester, it has seemed pretty obvious for some time that TfGM...
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    General English Translation Questions

    It's generally common (I hesitate to use 'standard', as it is increasingly untrue the smaller or more regional the language) in translation for people to translate into their native language precisely so they pick up on idiomatic usage. The OP has a significant task on the desk, and credit is...