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    What Camera Do You Use?

    i have just upgraded to a canon 90D from a 700D but have not got to use it much yet
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    15 years of RailUK Forums

    thanks got my badge to day well just the box had been hit by a large parcel and was flat and split open but both the pen and badge still in there John
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    15 years of RailUK Forums

    i am coming up to a 5 years of membership i do not post much but find the forum very friendly informative and helpful John
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    cannot help you with the pole but canon have there own app for remote control or you can get an extension lead to fit a wired remote they also have a wireless remote but if i remeber rightly you have to be in front of the camera for it to work John
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    Supermarkets and Covid-19

    Me and the wife still go shopping together we are both key workers doing shifts so shopping time is limited We go in the evening when it is generally quite but when we get in store we split up i get all the fresh goods + meat and the thing i know she will not be able to reach the wife get the...
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    Cloth masks, scarves and bandanas to be 'encouraged' with no compulsion

    you get daft things like the woman i saw when out shopping this morning had a mask on and wearing glasses the peak of the mask was resting on her glasses so leaving a gap around the top of the mask so making a total waste of time wearing it
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    Platform 5 book

    intercity railway society also do good books you don't have to be a member to buy also they are wire bound so easier to use ICRS John
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    April Fool's Day, 2020

    this one been doing the rounds on facebook Did you read that as of last night that all our phone manufacturers updated their software that enables you take take your own temperature reading? You open the camera, and take a selfie with your tongue out. Mine read as 36.3 C! Helps if you post the...
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    Can you tell me what this might be? (Answer: A snow plough)

    a class 40 bogie mounted plough see at Doncaster station ZZA 965577 by john brace, on Flickr
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    Long Term Out of Use Units

    is 332014 still parked next to the main line passed old oak yesterday but could not get it's number it is the only one of the class i need Thanks John
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    Class 43 LNER Farewell Railtour Dec 2019

    Thank you for your kind comments John
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    Class 43 LNER Farewell Railtour Dec 2019

    my photos from Kings cross 43112[/url] by john brace, on Flickr[/IMG] 43006 by john brace, on Flickr 43112 by john brace, on Flickr more to be seen here
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    How did you know when freight trains were due before RealTime Trains?

    used to just go and hope for something good sometimes you would get thing on the grapevine you could also guarantee that when you went to the toilet something would come through and you would miss it
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    Trespassers... (Queen posing on a railway track)

    here is a making of video <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Forum Jokes

    Amazon has failed me, I sent for four kindles and they sent me a 2 Ronnies video.