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    Notice of Intended Prosecution

    But this is a notice of intent to prosecute, not a debt collection letter, for which the limitation is six months. Perhaps point out that they are out of time to prosecute, as well as challenging the rest of it.
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    Trivia: Place names that you're not sure how to pronounce

    Ulleskelf (Ool-skelf or Ull-uh-Skelf are two pronunciations I have heard) Also, with its lack of a station and singular bus service there is Wilveliscombe - is any part unpronounced - I always end up pronouncing it Wivelly Comb, but sure this isn't right.
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    Is Labour's Railway White Paper good government policy?

    Actually, the Brown government set up the Infrastructure Planning Commission, which was beginning to bear fruit before the Coalition government axed it. The idea was simple, take away from local authorities the ability to rule on infrastructure that was of national interest, instead do this at...
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    Penalty fare appeal?

    How a fine can be as low as £10 is beyond me. If it was a penalty fare it would have been at least £20, are you sure it wasn't the original fare owed? As for it getting to £79 the people chasing the debt don't work for free. Also how old is your child?
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    Grand Central to suspend services from end of Friday 3 April 2020

    Buses? In Thirsk? For the hours I work? Now you have got me amused.
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    Poll: Your predicted train travelling habits after Covid-19

    I'm a key worker and have continued to commute by rail, but have had to change some of my hours owing to the emergency timetable. Thankfully my employers have been very understanding. Post lockdown, given I've missed out on a planned trip to Serbia I'll probably go at least somewhere by rail...
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    Grand Central to suspend services from end of Friday 3 April 2020

    To be fair, I've not been on a service with a significant number of people on since the lockdown began. One may then ask the question: Shouldn't we stop trains run altogether and subsidise taxis for key workers?
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    Grand Central to suspend services from end of Friday 3 April 2020

    Absolutley do not deserve it! The industry structure is not their fault, I was just pointing out its shortcomings from a passengers' perspective. My thoughts are with the staff, hope they have secure jobs to go back to in 2 months time.
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    Labour's Railway White Paper

    Indeed, I have no problem with it, especially since 'English' organisations will no doubt pass throguh Wales. I haven't read the report yet, but I'm guessing the InterCity Great Western services and Euston-Holyhead would for example be primarily English services? I really should read the...
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    Grand Central to suspend services from end of Friday 3 April 2020

    Unfortunately looks like I'll have to owe the company I work for half an hour or so then on Sunday... GC operated the last service back! There's the problem with Open Access, or at least relying on it, no sense of obligation, just skim the cream of profitable routes.
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    You're certainly not the only one here, there's me as well :D As for what the railways can do, I'm not awfully sure but that's because it's one of my interests and therefore I don't find much distressing. Crowded trains can be stressful, crowded stations such as Leeds or New Street moreso but...
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    Fare evasion concequences (child ticket & short fare)

    Hi, I'm guessing chiltern reported you. There's a good chance it will be dealt with by a company called transport investigations Ltd. Who are particularly difficult to settle out of court with, but it's not impossible. If it does go to court prepare yourself for a fine of the low to mid three...
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    Fare evasion concequences (child ticket & short fare)

    From which station were you travelling? And to where? It sounds to be a clear cut offence under section 5 of the regulation of railways act 1889, which carries a criminal record and is usually punishable by a fine. They may depending on the circumstances use the railway byelaws which is also a...
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    I forgot my tickets, I have proved that I had purchased them.

    Unfortunately the byelaws require you have the tickets there and then and present them for inspection. What legislation are they using if it says? What is the wording of the allegation against you?
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    Your longest time spent on a bus or coach?

    About 22 hours from Victoria to Prague. Only got off the coach onto the ferry at Dover. Forget how long that was for and at which point.