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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Indeed, but whenever I've suggested taxing carbon and letting the market adjust to that, I've been told that putting a price on carbon is impossible, or that it's somehow giving the message that it's okay to use more carbon producing options (Pharisaic self-righteousness is never very far from...
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    Don't bother, the green zealots won't hear of this. I tried pushing this here myself. As ever, the urge to save humanity is a front for the urge to rule.
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    WMR Class 730 interior

    So what? I'd rather 6tph with some three cars.
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    WMR Class 730 interior

    The way we Cross City Line passengers have been treated by WMT and WMCA is appalling. We were told the reduction to 4tph was a Covid measure, so it was pushed without any consultation whatsoever, only for them to come back and say there are no plans to reintroduce the service as it was. As you...
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    Best and Worst Major Interchange Stations

    Tamworth is a very bad interchange station, due to the lack of facilities not just in the station, but anywhere near.
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    Best and Worst Major Interchange Stations

    That tucked away basement bar feel a couple of minutes away from New Street is included in the price though! ;) It's a Birmingham institution and I'm happy to pay a bit more to support it. Was really worried they wouldn't have survived the pandemic.
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    Best and Worst Major Interchange Stations

    I really used to struggle with this, although after living in Birmingham for a while and needing to use different exits I'm a bit better at it. Unless I've been at the post office vaults for a bit too long. ;)
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    South Wales 'Metro' updates

    I'm assuming there'll be no electrification North of Aberdare station, even if the line seems to continue a fair bit past it.
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    Island Line Upgrade

    Well, Brunel could draw on private sector funding...
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    Caledonian Sleeper

    And 'elf and safety before COVID.
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    Occasional use gated platforms

    I can't imagine they'd actually let anyone alight there.
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    Stations rebranded to Great British Railways design / Rail Alphabet 2

    I think most people who haven't been there would think the Tyne and Wear Metro's logo belongs to a Morrisons. :D
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    Pacer Withdrawals: The list (Reference)

    Probably bionic duckweed.
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    Best and Worst Major Interchange Stations

    It's also very lacking in facilities for an interchange station. That bridge is the key to a good use of new street.