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    HS2 Euston - number of platforms... again...

    I have heard they have one cleaner per carriage, and retractable tape barriers on the doors, so that when the cleaner has finished, they can withdraw the tape and the passengers waiting on the platform can board immediately. EDIT:
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    Closure of the level crossing between Dalwhinnie and Ben Alder estate

    You don't have to lean out all that far nowadays ..... Taken from:
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    Best and Worst Major Interchange Stations

    Yeah, but this thread is about interchange passengers. They don't list the lounge colour on the Departures Screens at platform level when you get off your train and try to find your way to Platform 4C or whatever. The fact that Cross-County train managers have to tell interchange passengers how...
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    Best and Worst Major Interchange Stations

    So massive in fact that there is plenty of room to add the words "... For Platforms 1A-5A". That would fix a lot of the problems at New Street for unknowing interchange passengers.
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    Operational Incident at Blackfriars

    So what happened in this case? Did the pan come off the wires after City Thameslink or something?
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    Operational Incident at Blackfriars

    How long would a non-conducting rail have to be beyond the end of the overhead line to force the pan down and protect it from the tunnel roof? Would that be practical?
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    Best and Worst Major Interchange Stations

    The biggest single fault was that there were only two escalators to conveniently serve the MML platforms. When the rebuild opened, there were massive queues when a full HST arrived and everyone tried to use the single down escalator. So both of these escalators now run Down, and passengers...
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    HS2 construction updates

    For phase 1 only, I assume?
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    New report on public attitudes to rail safety

    The tragedy is that it's not safe at all. There were 306 fatalities on the railway in 2019/20, which I think is around twice the rate of deaths per mile travelled than the 1580 road deaths in the year to June 2020. Figures from...
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    Positive and negative easements both seem to apply - what's the meaning?

    Could you give us the Easement Number in each case, please?
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    Trains sounding horn near St Austell, Cornwall shows it as a public footpath (in red) all the way from Chandlers Road through to Holmbush Road Please take great care when crossing the line. The track is quite curved here and visibility may be very limited in both directions.
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    Best and Worst Major Interchange Stations

    Yes, I can see that from the station diagrams. But think what that means: You are suggesting that a passenger getting off a train somewhere in the middle of platform 12 should head off in one direction to get to platform 6B, and in the other direction to get to platform 6A. How in God's name are...
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    Best and Worst Major Interchange Stations

    I have found Birmingham New Street (BHM) utterly confusing in the past, and I had the misfortune to interchange there several times yesterday, on a WM Family Day Ranger. Luckily I had read some of this thread the day before, so I knew better what to expect. From my observations, it's not the...
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    Polesworth Station

    In the past year, I've been there twice during the day and both times the gate was closed but not locked. No problems getting onto the platform and no-one seemed to mind. Please remember to close the gate and slide the latch bolt into place when you leave: it's on a quiet residential cul-de-sac...
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    Northern Lime st to Man airport broke down in Lime street tunnel

    Maybe they should make them "fail-safe", so that they spring open when the power is cut ..... :D