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    Blue Pullman Returns

    It definitely looks like a very leisurely trundle through the Hope Valley, being timed for 30 minutes from Totley Tunnel East to Chinley North Junction, as opposed to the following EMT Norwich-Liverpool that is booked for 17 minutes, the preceding Northern stopper is also booked for 30 minutes...
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    Trivia: Stations where a platform has been built on the actual site of a ex running line (e.g. fom previous rationalisation/singling)

    Dinting: Originally, the Glossop branch was only accessible from the Hadfield direction, and the original route was through what became Dinting shed. When the third side of the triangle was built (ie from Godley direct to Glossop, the Hadfield- Glossop line was diverted away from the station...
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    Trivia: Closest stations to each other as the crow flies

    If allowing closed stations, the two Buxton stations shared the same forecourt, and had the same Architectural style. Not only that, despite being distinctly separate stations serving different routes, they were collectively known as "Buxton" so they shared a name as well.
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    Trivia: Disused Railway Infrastructure that is still visible today

    There is quite a lot of the old Peak Forest Tramway between Buxworth and Peak Dale still around, including many stone sleepers, and the 2nd oldest railway tunnel in the world, though this is under threat. Not far away, in the Whaley Bridge area, there is quite a lot of the Cromford & High Peak...
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    Thorpe-le-Soken to Chinley Super Off Peak validity out of Euston

    Thanks for reply , Alistair. I have already asked her for this extra info, as that is why I was struggling to give her advice and asked here for guidance, but she hasn't got back to me yet.
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    Thorpe-le-Soken to Chinley Super Off Peak validity out of Euston

    I have a friend who is trying to get back from Thorpe-Le-soken (TLS) to Chinley (CLY), after visiting her very poorly mother. I helped her get best prices for the journey originally, but East Midlands trains eventually sold her a pair of tickets , out via Sheffield & St Pancras, back via...
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    Double line stations in the steam era without a goods yard in the station environs?

    New Mills Central on the GC & Midland Railway never had goods facilities, these were handled at New Mills East Goods Depot on the Midland route towards Chinley, but through a tunnel, over a viaduct and under a road. There were (and one remains in use) some carriage sidings in the other...
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    Trivia - how many electrified railways in the UK have closed and been abandoned?

    I don't recall Agecroft power statiob having electric locos, as they had RSH 0-4-0STs, a couple of which have been preserved. However, a few miles nearer to Bolton, Kearsley Power Station had steeple cab electric locos running from the exchange sidings on the west side of the mainline , dipping...
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    Stations not centrally sited where previous central ones were closed

    Buxton Midland was at least 30 yards nearer to the town centre than the LNW station was/is
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    What is a Bay Platform??

    I suggest that the term "bay" is used to describe a terminating platform at a station which is mainly a through station. If the station is a terminus, or mainly a terminus (like Manchester Piccadilly is) then the terminating platforms are just platforms. "Mainly" can probably be defined as when...
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    Flooding Disruption 31 July/1 August

    Light engine has gone from Earles to Buxton, and is now running on vstp schedule down to Hazel Grove and back, to check out the "Wessie" line through Whaley Bridge
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    Fiona Onasanya: Recall petition successful & Labour hold seat after By-Election

    She would also fit in perfectly with the rest of the current cabinet, given how many of them have been previously sacked for lying, or being held in contempt of Parliament
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    Flooding Disruption 31 July/1 August

    Just heard down freight heading from Chinley towards New Mills South Junction!
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    Buxton stone trains

    Also, Chinley signal box is open today, and there appears to be both up and down freights off the Peak Forest line for points east running this evening.