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    Why not more tilting stock?

    So you're saying the rule of 125mph running only permitted with tilt was a result of lobbying efforts by Branson (to avoid open access operators competing with Virgin I presume) rather than because 125 without tilt would simply be uncomfortable for passengers and would need pressure sealed...
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    Why not more tilting stock?

    Eliminating tilt by ordering the 805s and 807s has opened a can of worms it seems. I can understand wanting to lower maintennance costs but is that cost saving worth the headache of drivers forgetting EPS speeds, many lineside signs to read, and passenger comfort falling by juggling coffees and...
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    Trivia: Stations that are the only station to only be served by a class

    The West Highland line is served only by the class 156, and Mossley - Slaithwaite on the Manchester - Huddersfield stretch only by 185s. Uckfield branch only 171s. There are many. Most GA rural lines only see 755s.
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    Class 360 Diagrams

    This should be an easy one, there are only 20 in service now, with all operating as 8 cars, so up to 10 diagrams. Edit: The RTT descriptions are wrong so those are no help either.
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    Rail Franchises to be Replaced with Fixed Fee Contracts

    So the least lucrative ToCs will claim the most and the most proftable ones will claim the least, if anything. So if someone buys an Avanti advance, the exchequer collects the fare and sends it to Northern and LNER, the biggest lossmakers, to prop up their operating costs. Could this mean a...
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    Greater Anglia Bombardier Aventras (Class 720): Technical discussion and introduction

    Presumably this is for social distancing, so that no 4 car trains run at any time of day. That might explain why 4 car 360s in the middle of the day have been replaced with 8 car bins and all 360s are working in 8 car now.
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    Greater Anglia Bombardier Aventras (Class 720): Technical discussion and introduction

    The 15:44 and 16:14 arrivals couple up to form the 16:32 ex LST. Not sure if the diagrams have changed since. Just as GA are a marketing firm that happen to run a railway. History doesn't repeat itself but it rhymes. On that note, GE hasn't seen a proper operator since 2004.
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    Abellio Greater Anglia Class 755s (Regional Trains)

    Still an issue of having to isolate ASDO making it a safety fault then? Makes me wonder why the ORR haven't authoriesed them as long as they have a guard on board. THe railway has some quirks to it.
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    Trivia: How close have 153s and 156s ever been to London?

    Can confirm. Someone I know told me they had a two coach train that was completely filthy that was an LST - Braintree run 156, and was in complete surprise. It was apparently bad enough I had to be told about it.
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    Class 745 Stadler FLIRTs

    Let's guess how many passegners per week or per month will buy first class tickets and will then hassle GA online for refunds becasue a 745/1 turned up. I'm guessing it will be a small but constant pain in the neck for them. All blame to the bid team. It's a casino, so no point booking in...
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    GA Fleet Change

    They were filthy!
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    GA Fleet Change

    The refurbishment will probably be like the 185 one, carpets and seating all ripped out, handlebars and vestibule panels all repsprayed. Hopefully they stick with the grammar seats albeit in proper 2+2 and stick to a high spec, high quality interior with wood accents as well.
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    Class 380 diagrams

    Of course. Sorry, I meant the stoppers Dalmuir/Milngavie - Motherwell.
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    Class 380 diagrams

    Yes, and there is also some Edinburgh - Nth Berwick/Dunbar work as well. One of those diagrams: Also why do you never get 380s on Mothwerwell?
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    EMR Class 170's

    It is possible TPE sub leases spare 185s to cover Nottingham-Liverpool if need be. They have a surplus of them after the IETs and their Nova 3s, and EMR will be short.