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    GBRF confirms conversion of Class 56s to Class 69s

    I am surprised it failed on its first mainline working. It's had trials on the Severn valley. All the kit is tried and tested as its an "off the shelf" engine married to some older driving gear. Bad luck?
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    What’s this ‘noise’?

    At Sharnbrook, the noise is not audible through the human ear. My video camera picks it up though. Here is a video I made a few years ago - Skip to 09:10. You can hear it distinctly as the 66 comes in from the distance.
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    What’s this ‘noise’?

    I hear a noise through my camera at sharnbrook junction. A warble electrical noise that sounds like interference from somthing nearby. I would imagine where 3rd rail is used this warble is more evident due to the amount of transformers and heavy duty cabling being used.
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    What would happen if a driver was given a wrong route?

    I've seen trains on RTT booked to go through Bedford to Bletchley and then diverting at Leicester to Nuneaton then to Bletchley. RTT showed blanks in between. Once I was at that triangle junction south of York and a convoy scheduled to come from the Western unelectrified route came down the...
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    Can someone please give the proposed route of the Northern Belle 31st July

    So it will pass Bedford then? thank you for your answer. edit - I edited the original question I was getting my months mixed up.
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    Can someone please give the proposed route of the Northern Belle 31st July

    I am finding it hard to find out its route south of Leicester to Winchester. What will its likely route be south of Leicester? Thank you.
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    East-West Rail (EWR): Oxford-Bletchley construction progress

    My phone pinged a message that volkerfitzpatrick has been awarded the contract for the high level platforms at Bletchley. Unfortunately the rest of the story needs a registration and possibly behind a pay wall.
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    Why Was The UK Late To Run Diesels Compaired to Europe

    From a documentary I watched, the UK wanted to go from coal powered steam engines to electric traction using coal power stations. Although no political entanglements mentioned earlier in the thread were mentioned, the main reason for avoiding oil based traction was simply geography. We had...
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    Varsity line - why did Bletchley to Bedford survive?

    Forders sidings were repurposed in the 1970's for the Bin liner which filled the exhausted clay pit. The box crane still resides there in a neglected state as do all the sidings. Signal box located by red box. Forders sidings are huge in numbers. Masked by the gravel that has allowed a lot...
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    East-West Rail (EWR): Oxford-Bletchley construction progress

    What would happen if infrastructure is ready long before trains are made available? Or the date possible for opening long precedes the planned opening?
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    If all locos under a certain class were made equal, why did some last 30 years longer than others?

    So I guess what I am asking is if locos are not made equal, and that some are more prone to withdrawal from an earlier time. Or perhaps maintenance depots had their favourites they looked after whilst letting others rot. Obviously its very complicated as many years and scenarios played out...
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    Intermodal freights on Midland/Chiltern Mainline

    I did see one freightliner run on the MML on a Sunday once (in a video) about 5 years ago. The boxes were all yellowish and the size of a bin liner box rather than the larger sized. This was north of Bedford somewhere near Wellingborough. I also saw a train with zero boxes on it ahead of a...
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    MML slow lines north of Bedford

    Surely the answer to get things moving is upgrade the slows. Or Change the timings to the slow line. I cannot figure why a new timetable has issues after 20 or 30 billion spent on the railway. When I was in Japan I was on a train which stopped and they parked it on the slow for 5 mins to let...
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    MML slow lines north of Bedford

    1624304328 They can use the slows if the advertised timings are for the slow lines. But they are not.
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    MML slow lines north of Bedford

    You'll lose 9 mins using the slows North of Bedford. So that's not really an option. I'm sure the tracks will be replaced eventually for a more faster and comfortable ride on the slows.