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    Ticket from Beeston to Haverfordwest

    What’s the latest on travel restrictions on TFW services? Are you likely to have issues on a ‘non essential’ journey ?
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    Buying an All Line Rover - clerk can't find it...

    Quite. And yet many people here (the forum not the thread) are very fast to jump on passengers willing to part with thousands of pounds of their own money when they complain about staff that can’t do these tasks that you rightly claim are very simple. This isn’t uncommon so something is going...
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    Trivia: Nearest station you haven't used?

    Kiveton Bridge. I have called there hundreds of times, but I use Kiveton Park as there is somewhere to park the car. I have However stood on the platform. There is a nice area to walk around there and I had finished walking and considered popping to worksop on the train to get a sandwich in the...
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    Zero fare excess possible on Advance?

    I assume A to C is not valid via B Which, if it were would mean you could buy a B to C ticket that may be cheaper?
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    Missed Connection due to COVID-19 measures at station

    This to me sounds very much like a “we don’t know and dare not make a guess at this as they’re keeping an eye on us, so we will pass responsibility on”. I’m not suggesting it’s a bad decision on their part if this is the case but it, unsurprisingly does nothing to help the passenger and provides...
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    Missed Connection due to COVID-19 measures at station

    I would assume almost impossible now, and even less possible as time passes and service levels return to a normal timetable. Timetables are created with minimum connection times taken into account. Extend some by even just 1 minute and you can extend itineraries by hours or even remove journey...
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    Missing last connection due to full train

    Without written rule suggesting it isn’t covered there is too much ambiguity and as such, it’s covered.
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    Missed Connection due to COVID-19 measures at station

    I think the current situation is a bit of a red herring. When a lift gets stuck at Leeds or New Street or King’s Cross, who do they claim from then? The same must apply here. I do agree that if your first train is on time, or arrives within the minimum connection time (which still stands even if...
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    Missing last connection due to full train

    Who was funding these taxis when this rule was introduced? Was is Scotrail or was it funded by the government? Has this funding changed recently that has caused them to change their policy? All operators (Scotland England and Wales) have been discouraging travel since March, and of course with...
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    TOC claims ticket is tampered with

    I considered it more a ‘penalty’ for not following the rules of the ticket. If you fail to provide a reasonable excuse or justification for failing to fill it in (you didn’t have a pen, it ran out, you didn’t know the date so thought you could check, you wanted to check you were filling it in...
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    TOC claims ticket is tampered with

    I hardly think it’s such a poor attitude to expect the passenger to follow the rules which has quite clearly not been done (perhaps with justifiable reason, perhaps without). so the textbook penalty for not dating a box before you start your journey is to lose a day on your rover. Is that just...
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    TOC claims ticket is tampered with

    I came to that conclusion when I first saw it. 29 is clearly written in the ‘month’ box for day 1. And the 30 that looks like a 31 seems to be a 1 with 30 written over it. it makes a lot of sense, what does NOT make sense is why, if this is the case, the OP hasn’t said that. If you had made a...
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    Trainsplit sending data to Facebook?

    One I've told before on here I’m sure, I once logged into gmail on someone’s laptop to send a file by email to someone else (they were in the room but their laptop was company issued and would not allow the use of usb sticks, but would allow files in emails). I then logged out again. A few hours...
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    Northern ticket vending machines - covert cameras.

    A generic design that allows people from all stations to contact staff members might be more favourable than having different machines for different purposes. And of course, it would be a notable benefit were the ticket office to be closed one day for whatever the reason, or, if an operator...
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    Train Investigations Limited (TIL) - court threats

    Incredibly unlikely that anything will change unless forced by someone who can force them to do it (I don’t think there is anyone). They’ve been known to have glaring passenger unfriendly (and some passenger friendly but ones that result in prosecutions) errors before that have stuck around for...