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    Trivia - journeys which start in one direction before doing a 180 degree (ish) turn

    Kings Cross to Sunderland (LNER route, via Newcastle) and vv. It literally takes a semi circle through Newcastle between the King Edward (heading NW) and High Level (heading SE) bridges but also creates a wider horseshoe coming northbound into Newcastle, then southeast, east and southeast...
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    Aviation Discussion

    Yes the capacity will still be needed for the JFK route for sure (in terms of total capacity but more importantly J capacity) but I doubt we'll see the same elasticity of demand for the unrefurbished 747s to places like PHX, AUS, DEN etc. These birds were already going to go anyway. I'm not in...
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    Coronavirus: Future of airlines and airports

    Or if you need the tier points! 35 extra TP for £59 is a steal and they haven't yet confirmed the extension of lower TP thresholds beyond this month but they probably will. Silver currently only 420 TP for example. If not, exit row in Euro Traveller!
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    Hard copy Trainsplit/Raileasy COVID refunds - processing time

    I received an email update from Raileasy on May 12th saying the request, posted March 22nd, had been processed. Refund payment to be processed 28 days from that date. I'm not moaning about the timeline at all, as I know volumes will be overwhelming, just adding a data point as I expect many will...
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    Hard copy Trainsplit/Raileasy COVID refunds - processing time

    Thank you, it was by first class mail only but it's good to know they're probably not just lost.
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    Hiring and playing with a layout for the day

    There'll be outrage at your use of the word "playing"... you mean operating!
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    High Speed Rail Scotland

    Hear hear. If the Scots they want to go it alone, with all the economic realities that brings, they will have to negotiate with the (rest of the) UK Government to pay for it. Without Barnett there will be a lot to pay for from the tartan purse.
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    Future of the Class 89

    Don't forget Siemens (the 374s)
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    Trivia: Most number of liveries in the same train

    Clever marshalling... follow the buffers and buckeyes!
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    Hard copy Trainsplit/Raileasy COVID refunds - processing time

    I've now been waiting 45 days since posting my tickets...
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    The railways number of employees at its height

    The number had already fallen to under half a million by Beeching. Road freight and the automobile had already started to bite, which of course gradually started the post-war rot Beeching was eventually installed to stop. Those were not the glory days of steam! The Beeching report states a...
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    Coronavirus: Future of airlines and airports

    The bigger the better when it comes to slot constrained airports, was the theory, and I think that still applies. It has its place and I think still will, when things are normal. The 777-9 and -10X I think will completely finish the 747 and possibly the A380. Two engines and almost the capacity...
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    Why lights of seated coach of sleepers are not dimmed?

    Not the best night's sleep you'll ever get but that is very reasonable to go a very long way!
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    Ex-LNER Mk4 sets for Grand Central (Blackpool - Euston)

    Are they really being allocated to Heaton, as this would suggest?