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    Coronavirus: Is this the end of physical cash? Will we go completely electronic?

    You seem to bang this drum every couple of months or so and each time it becomes clear that support for such a move is nowhere near strong enough to make it practical. And in a democracy freedom of choice is surely more important than the convenience of a particular sub-set of the population...
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    Here the RFL is carrying on as normal. In both cases I expect that will stop as soon as a player or coach tests positive for Covid-19.
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    Given the growing environmental concerns being expressed by an ever increasing range of people there might actually be a lot of support for the idea of forcing the industry to reset and restart with a different set of priorities. The complication is that it is inevitably a trans-national...
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    This is true. It's often just a technicality to allow FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) to access the funds needed for its activities. In this case it will also allow more direct federal involvement in delivery of medical services, especially testing, as well as relaxing the rules...
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    British airways and travel industry job loses

    It won't just be travel and related companies in trouble. The whole leisure sector will soon be coming to an almost standstill. Already we have seen professional sport shut down along with music festivals and tours. It's only a matter of time before the likes of theatres, cinemas, nightclubs...
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    Switzerland travel to/from Italy, France or Germany

    Given that the peak of the pandemic is still some way off I would suggest that Easter is wildly optimistic. Right now my guess is that it will be at least July before there is a realistic chance for some sort of normality to return to the travel situation.
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    Italy to ban getting on/off the bus at the front doors

    It's no more easy to catch than other types of coronavirus, the fear factor comes from there not yet being a vaccine and that the mortality rate for a particular group is higher than for other coronavirus related illnesses. As for precautions the gloves might help and allow you to be less...
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    Atherton Line

    I don't think there have ever been any definite plans for this at all, merely some occasional delusional aspirations expressed by GMPTE/TfGM to convert almost all local lines to Metrolink. It's quite possible that most discussion about light rail on the line has taken place on this forum...
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    Italy to ban getting on/off the bus at the front doors

    I think you've answered your own question. The only way to do such a thing here would be to suspend the charging of any fares: it might be a contingency contained in government's emergency planning but I suspect we'd be more likely to simply suspend public transport operations altogether.
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    Britain’s relationship with the EU post Brexit.

    Some interesting ideas there. How was the UK's position as a member of the EU so fundamentally different to that of any other member? In fact thanks to all the opt-outs it could be argued we already had a more favourable position regarding freedom to make our own decisions than any other...
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    The rationale is quite simple, to reduce potential exposure by reducing personal interactions. If it comes to it I'm sure an emergency regulation banning the screening of televised events in public places, including pubs, will do the trick. Given this evening's reports about the widening spread...
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    Cancellation of sports events is already happening elsewhere and it's only a matter of time before it happens here too. All Italian sport has been cancelled until at least 3rd April and the Indian Wells (Southern California) tennis tournament, the world's biggest outside of the Grand Slams, due...
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    Weird Happenings During Railtours

    Another memorable tour. The delay was due to the discovery that Neasden S Jn box had been switched out meaning the booked route for the tour via the Chiltern line was now inaccessible so use of the WCML had to be arranged. A1A tours always seemed to come with some sort of odd incident during the...
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    Flybe Collapses

    Perhaps an (early) indication of what "the market" thinks is that Flybe's former SOU-MAN service of up to 6 flights per day each way is being replaced by Eastern Airways flying no more than twice a day. And I very much doubt that Easyjet will up their frequencies on routes which previously had...
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    Weird Happenings During Railtours

    25th May 1991. The Coal Scuttler tour, while waiting at Annbank Jn to access the Killoch branch, was ambushed by a few scrotes throwing stones. Some of the passengers improvised water bombs using empty crisp packets some of which definitely found their mark. The kids did not reappear for the...