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    What are your observations of face coverings wearing on public transport?

    I may be making a long distance LNER train journey from London to Yorkshire. I shall be visiting family under the designated lockdown bubble scheme. I shall bring my passport and wear a face mask. What have been other people's experience of long distance train travel? Are you stopped by the...
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    Watford Junction and Shenfield special fare zones

    Transport for London use 9 concentric zones to determine their fares. Zones 1-6, mostly correspond with the Greater London Authority area. There are exceptions and the eastern branch of the Central line springs to mind. So why exactly do TfL go to the trouble of putting Watford Junction and...
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    European low platform heights

    Elsewhere in Europe, many railway stations have lower platform heights than in the UK. I know the EU has issued some standards on platform heights. From personal experience, UK style platform are seen in Germany and the Netherlands. I was wondering why platform heights are lower in many...
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    Change ticket from Off peak to anytime

    This what I was thinking. So if I go into a ticket office, is there are charge for changing a £16.90 off peak return to a £16.30 anytime day return ? Edit: here's what the Virgin East Coast web site says: "Why do you want to change your Off-Peak ticket? If you would simply like to change...
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    Change ticket from Off peak to anytime

    I have used Virgin East Coast to book train tickets online. I still use them for the Nectar points. I have the bought the following tickets: Thursday 20 October Banbury to Birmingham International, off peak return, £16.90. This ticket is not valid before 09:57 departure from Banbury to...
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    TGV Est services

    Phase 2 of the LGV Est open on 3 April 2016. Draft timetable of new service is show here:
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    BBC 4 Wed 2 Sep 2015 - Trains That Time Forgot.

    Interesting FGW publicity material, especially when it comes to the Cheltenham Spa Express. In 1932, this train covered the 77.25 miles from London to Swindon in 65 minutes. It was first train to average over 70 mph. A cursory glance at current schedules show timings between London and Swindon...
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    Inverkeithing to London and Kemble to Inverkeithing cheapest tickets?

    For 27 August, Virgin East Coast are offering a one way advance purchase fare of £67.60 from Inverkeithing to London Kings Cross. There are reductions on this fare, if you have a senior or young person railcard. For 1 September, Virgin East Coast offer a one way advance purchase of £104.50...
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    Trip to Japan - your favourite journeys

    Been to Japan three times. That's why they call me "shinkansen". A trip on the shinkansen will be a highlight. On a clear day, you'll see Mount Fuji while taking the Tokaido shinkansen from Tokyo to Osaka. Other personal favourites include Aomri through the Seikan tunnel to Hokkaido and a...
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    Network Rail upgrade delayed by government (BBC News Article)

    Can you give me the links, please ? I want to get up to speed on this. I dislike being out of the railway loop.
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    Network Rail upgrade delayed by government (BBC News Article)

    BBC Radio 4's File on Four recently investigated the state of Network Rail's projects including Birmingham New Street, London Bridge and the Great Western electrification. Listen here: Among the ongoing problems are the new Hitachi electric trains. DfT...
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    Why are bus ticket prices not made available online?

    When travelling on buses outside London, I'm invariably surprised by the time it takes to board passengers. Watching passenger actually get money out and pay for their fare, one-by-one. It's time consuming. Can we have a national Oyster card please ?
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    SNCF Rail Jingle Inspires David Gilmour's New Single.

    Me too. On my iPhone and iPad, it's the text notification sound. Great when you are in France and you get a text. Drrring - ding - ding.
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    End of the station's word!

    Yarm (minimum post is 5 letters. Yarm is 4)
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    Changing a seat reservation on an advanced fare (not open / saver)

    At Euston, board the train at the earliest opportunity. Then look for unreserved seats which look better than the ones you have been offered. With the exception of the East Coast services, I seldom take my reserved seat. If East Coast trains offer seat selection, then so can other train operators.