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    Passenger Complaint regarding Gender

    Where has there been any mention of anyone losing their job? Of course it isn’t. Being offended by the terms used to address you is perfectly understandable and reasonable (even if some of us - me included - struggle with the specifics of this case, and the way the victim raised the issue is...
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    Supermarket Update

    Unexpected migrant in bagging area?
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    Railway General Knowledge.

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    NHS app advertisments

    I didn’t know this. So an app has built, presumably at great expense, that allows a user to simply delete the data it has been designed to capture? Or am I being thick again?
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    Passenger Complaint regarding Gender

    By a train manager or more generally? If you mean the former, doesn’t that mean that a train with 500 people on it could have a whole load of different forms of address? And how would the train manager know? (Actually, it could be info gathered as part of the compulsory seat reservation...
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    Railway General Knowledge.

    A couple not too far from here.... Fitzwilliam Frizinghall
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    That’s a good example of the trickle down effect actually. The Villa and Birmingham can’t play at home at the same time, and because they groundshare Blues and Coventry can’t. Because the fixtures are announced before TV choices are made, ie with all weekend games given a nominal 3pm Saturday...
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    Out of interest, how many pairs can that system cope with? The current premier league has (I think) five - the Liverpool teams, the Manchester teams, wolves and West Brom, arsenal and spuds, and Chelsea and fulham.
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    Trivia: Journey with a change quicker than the direct service

    Bradford to London is about half an hour quicker changing in Leeds rather than going on the Grand Central direct services
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    The national league always pairs clubs with “near neighbours” and they then play home and away on Boxing Day and New Year’s Day. There were obvious exceptions because of potential for crowd trouble - for a long while the police wouldn’t allow Wrexham and Chester to play each other over a bank...
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    Do train companies have too much power in relation to ticketing disputes?

    I don’t know, but I do know that it’s happened. My eldest son, then aged 16, was detained at Hebden Bridge for about 45 minutes by one of Northern’s roving ticket checking teams. His offence? Asking for a single from Huddersfield to Hebden with his 16 - 18 student card, paying the correct...
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    Railway General Knowledge.

    Do significantly more trains stop there in one direction than the other?
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    Will Keir Starmer last?

    As my grandad used to say at times like this “deputy heads will roll” And today, even when things go well for Labour (winning the West Yorkshire mayoral election) there’s a potentially negative consequence (a by-election in Batley and Spen). If there’s a repeat of Hartlepool it’ll be open...
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    Penalties after railcards expire

    Ugh. The hyphen from hell is back
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    Oddest Seat Reservations

    A solution looking for a problem. There’s nothing wrong with offering reservations for short journeys, and I’ve benefitted from them as thanks to being a clumsy oaf I’ve had four separate occasions where I’ve had my leg in plaster for 12 weeks at a time, and standing for any distance was...