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    Reduced tram speed limits

    It’d be enforced in the same way that any other speed limit is enforced.
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    What are the rules regarding low backed seating?

    As far as I know the three 50 stretches (Attercliffe - Arena, Carbrook - Tinsley, Fox Lane - Birley) have been reduced to 40, whether this is temporary again as has happened several times in the past few years or permenant I'm not sure, as far as I know down to track wear but I'm not overly sure...
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    What are the rules regarding low backed seating?

    tram-trains are 55mph between Rotherham Central and Parkgate. the rest of the network is currently max speed 40 - but this isn't exactly relevant to D-Trains.
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    What happened to tram route numbers?

    Other than services that turn back at Cathedral and Cricket Inn Road now there's no actual part route timetabled services anyway. There's an argument behind both methods with the destinations though - Blue Cathedral or Blue Cricket Inn Road, lets people that don't recognise the destination, know...
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    2020 New haulages

    Done shockingly well today...not sure how exactly. 68023 150108 153373 (Northern 153s cleared again) 175108 195002 195010 195105 331007 801211 (new class) 802207 802213 (new class)
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    Sheffield - Rotherham Tram Train Service updates

    I'm getting a strange sense of de ja vu from about this time two years ago...
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    Sheffield - Rotherham Tram Train Service updates

    Supertram will have been briefed on the issue and are just choosing not to release it publicly. If it's done on Stadler's advice it'll be all six 399s temporarily withdrawn, hence no TT. Certainly there was an abundance of them outside Nunnery on Saturday.
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    2019 New Haulages

    14/12 153380 170474 170477 195012 331104 331106 Surprisingly productive afternoon locally.
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    Sheffield/Rotherham Tram-Train update

    Nothing of the sort. It does however come at a very similar time to when one of the units sat down in the city centre yesterday requiring to be towed back to depot...coincidence?
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    Sheffield - Rolling Stock Graveyard ?

    Lincoln no longer gets regular Pacers on a daily basis, with most Northern services now being booked 158s (soon 195s).
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    Manchester Metrolink tram going via Exchange Square rather than via Shudehill

    The line was never closed. It was a points problem which was restricting services from certain lines from accessing the Shudehill or Exchange Square line.
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    2019 New Haulages

    12/08 170473 170476 331110 19/08-23/08 374021 374022 NS: 1746 8637 8657 8663 8715 9566 186042 186238 DB: 643057 643065 643069 644038 644051 GVB (Amsterdam): Metros 45 46 51 52 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 80 81 82 85 88 92 93 94 95 96 97 100 102 104 105 106 109...
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    ECML Disruption between Leeds and Doncaster (03/08)

    No, it was the NR test train. There's a photo going around on Facebook currently of a bright yellow door tangled in the OLE. Looks as though it opened and caused the damage and was subsequently ripped off the train.
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    Flooding Disruption 31 July/1 August

    And what would you do about crews? What about on Monday morning when there's no spare units at Sheffield?
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    Sheffield to Gainsborough Central

    These are now just an extension of the hourly service.