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    Carlisle Station Improvements

    Platform 1 is now open and in use as is the ‘wrong side’ of P2. The other side of P2 and the south end of P3 have had their coping stones removed in preparation for rebuilding.
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    Tactile Markers

    I don’t think that’s totally correct with the likes of Merseyrail and stations where the trains allow level boarding e.g. FLIRTs.
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    Station platform widths

    At the north end of platform 4 at Carlisle the yellow line is closer to platform 7 face than P4 face. Don’t know dimensions, though.
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    Toilets and unmanned stations

    When I worked there a couple of years ago there was one toilet with a ‘long’ stainless steel urinal and (I think) three WCs. One of the WCs was locked shut and used as a store. Both men and women used the facility despite it being non-compliant with regs. but when you need to go…….
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    Carlisle Station Improvements

    It's being built across town beside the Sands Centre. I think that the victorian baths which are beside the current swimming pool may be staying as the facility has just had a major refurbishment.
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    WCML Electrification Overruns From the photo at the above URL, it appears that it's the down (Barrow bound) platform with is wired.
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    WCML Electrification Overruns

    From memory and a quick confirmation search on the internet, the wiring goes through the down platform to enable locos to deposit their trains in the avoiding line behind the down platform and run round - unless this has changed recently.
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    Carlisle Station Improvements

    I, too, was there yesterday and a couple of contractors were within the worksite barriers having recently repaired the platform 1 side face of the bay. They didn’t seem to know what the scope of the main work is and so we’re unaware whether platform 2 is being filled in or having its surface(s)...
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    Clean Air Power dual fuel Class 66

    Hydrogen is not necessarily a green fuel depending on its source. Until the country has a surfeit of low carbon energy for producing hydrogen by electrolysis, it will not be worthwhile...
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    Carlisle Station Improvements

    The north end of platform 1 is now in service with the cage just north of the mess room which was used to store salt and miscellaneous ’come in handy’ stuff having been removed. Work has moved on to the next section but extending further south than I was told. Three more photos from this week (5...
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    Carlisle Station Improvements

    It was a Cumbrian Coast service which was top-n-tailed by DRS 37s for a while until the new trains were introduced.
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    Carlisle Station Improvements

    Perhaps knowing that alterations will be required at the south end of the station for HS2 has prompted some joined-up thinking for once! I.e. do what can be done now to improve the station and leave the HS2 modifications for another day and another budget. Its not as if the current platform...
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    Carlisle Station Improvements

    The platform is being levelled and height corrected, new concrete copings are being installed, tactile paviours installed, the entire platform surface is being resurfaced to remove the current undulations etc., the falls are being corrected i.e. into the new linear drain. The north third is...
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    745 ride quality

    Stadler trains perform perfectly well in Switzerland so perhaps the answer is to get a SBB track crew over here to show the UK people how it’s done.
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    Carlisle Station Improvements

    Platform 1 is progressing with concrete having been poured over the repaired steel plates. The drainage has been extended to the limit of the current works. Tarmac is reported to be scheduled for tonight. Ive been told that the next phase is due to follow as far as platform 2 after which the...