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    RealTimeTrains website

    application programming interface But in reality a way for other websites and software to use the data from realtimetrains. Presents the realtimetrains data in a machine readable format.
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    How does Realtime Trains predict platforms?

    Can you just clarify if you are suggesting that Realtimetrains uses Darwin? I don’t think it does.
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    Braking issue on Caledonian Sleeper causes train to "run away" at Edinburgh

    And there may be very simple way to do this. Turn around the existing brake cock so the vent is on the train side of the valve. So when the valve is shut, it leaks air out of the train pipe. Just a little bit. At the moment it leaks air out of the locomotive side. The RAIB report states...
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    Braking issue on Caledonian Sleeper causes train to "run away" at Edinburgh

    One of the recommendations already mentioned. And they also now using the Glasgow loco to split the trains, which makes the order simpler. You only need to go between the Edinburgh Loco and the Coaches once (I think) There is mention in the report that they will change the valve to one with...
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    Govenment Briefing 23rd May - Reversing Beeching Cuts

    Manchester to Lancaster round the top?
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    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    It's not just health and safety. Drainage, not chucking mud all over local roads. Utilities to divert, landscaping .... A planning inspector will want to come round at the end and see that all is proper, before the end date of the planning permission. There might be fibre optic cables on the...
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    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    How long do you think it should take? For planning you want a date where the whole thing is finished and cleaned up. With recovery time for contingencies. And there will be lot of prep and surveys. Then actually doing the job. I’m sure lots of bits won‘t be finally ordered until some...
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    RealTimeTrains website

    If you see it happening a lot in the same place then worth an email to traksy or realtimetrains to ask. Might be a bug. There are thousands of berths and possible either the data is wrong from network rail or wired up wrong between data and map.
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    TPE Nova 1 Class 802/2 Progress

    Sounds really cool. And operational flexibility is always a good thing. Well done to all involved.
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    Reuse of Woodhead Catenary and Track

    1986 makes sense. I remember the portals being in place as a child, between Penistone and Thurgoland. And then were gone.
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    Grand Central to suspend services from end of Friday 3 April 2020

    In the non transport world. Loads of companies really busy up until 1st April ish. Back orders. Orders from companies scrambling to get people working at home. Finishing off projects. Reporting record months for March. And then on Friday Furloughed all their staff. Because the orders...
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    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    They built the platforms extensions pretty quickly. They could add a bit more on if there was a need and if there is room. I don't think they need to be longer if they can get the Selective Door Opening in proper use. And I agree, for a long term capacity uplift the stations will need...
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    Huddersfield to Westtown (Dewsbury) - Public Consultation If you go on here and scroll right down to the bottom, there are bunch of PDF downloads. General thoughts - the whole thing is a lot of work and will be really amazing when finished. Things I...
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    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    Would be amazing. Except there is no point unless you could run much longer trains. Or really increase the frequency. I know many people in that area and even for those within walking distance of the station the answer is `I don't get the train because no chance of getting a seat`. And it...
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    Huddersfield to Westtown (Dewsbury) - Public Consultation

    I think wait and see what comes out on the 16th. The last lot of plans implied the bridge over John William St (just east of station) would require replacement. It isn't clear whether the platforms will go over the bridge. Looks close though. The existing viaduct is pretty close to straight...