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    What do you value about First Class on long distance services?

    More space*=Calmer atmosphere=Less stress=Quieter. From South Yorkshire to London I always travel 1st. This avoids the increasing stress as claustrophobia and stress increases. On return, a booked seat in second will suffice as people become happier and quieter, the train emptier and the...
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    Manchester Recovery Taskforce (timetable) consultation

    The AA says it takes 16 mins to cover the 8.4 miles from Hazel Grove station to Terminal 1. The AA says it takes 15 mins to cover the 7.9 miles from Stockport station to Terminal 1 Via M60 and M56 Stockport is 0.5 miles and a minute closer. But: Add on the 8 minutes train journey time from...
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    Manchester Recovery Taskforce (timetable) consultation

    Please can Sheffield people trade their hourly direct link to Manchester Airport with half hourly stops at Hazel Grove. A bus/taxi direct to the airport from Hazel Grove would be faster and more convenient than any train(direct or not). Faster journey time between Sheffield station and Airport...
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    Central Stations (Trivia)

    The map in the link shows that Gainsborough is next to the 'dead' centre of the Town. 1612378853 or Rotterdam Central- what a contrast.
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    When will TFL ditch the Tube Map

    I would like to congratulate TfL in their successful campaign to prevent people from standing in the way of others whilst on their phone. Studies have revealed that many those on their phone are trying to find their way are trying to find out how to make their connection work, get the app...
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    How old are railway tracks?

    I briefly worked at Edgar Allen Engineering at Shepcote Lane, Sheffield where they finished manganese castings used for turnouts. Some were custom built but most were standard. I keep a look out for ones dated 1977 and there are plenty of them around on our mainlines. I assume some are also...
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    Impact of Storm "Christoph" (January 2021)

    There are Yellow warnings currently in place for wind in Cornwall and Devon The more serious concern are the Amber warnings flooding for the Lancashire, southern Pennines, Peak and lower Trent
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    Impact of Storm "Christoph" (January 2021)

    Sheffield/Rotherham: Speed restrictions between Dore and Stockport All tramtrain services cancelled and trains not calling at Rotherham Central showing *LB* on Traksy Meadowhall Drive flood barrier is up(uses former railway embankment) and nearby covid test centre closed.
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    The few sidings that remain at the former Tinsley Yard

    BSC Shepcote Lane was part of BSC Stainless and was at the bottom, Tinsley Viaduct end of Shepcote Lane. The much bigger BSC Tinsley Park was part of BSC Special Steels and was at the top of Shepcote Lane and ran parallel to the western side of the Tinsley Marshalling Yards. It had an extensive...
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    Most pointless journey for which a fare is available

    Moorthorpe and South Elmsall are both in Weat Yorkshire but you could use the South Yorkshire rail/tram/tram-train/bus Rover £8 80( SYConnect+) via trains using Swinton/Meadowhall/Sheffield and then Doncaster,
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    Hope Valley Capacity Scheme updates

    This is getting confusing I have already said "There is no tradition of commuter rail services in Sheffield compared with other cities Urban stations were on valley floors-people, lived on the hills" in post 692. This part of the thread was about the Hope Valley line and commuting. Dore is...
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    Trivia - Furthest you've seen someone carried beyond their intended stop

    A friend from South Wales was living in Sheffield. He went to Cardiff to watch Wales play Scotland in the 70s with some mates in the car. At the end of the day the Police in Cardiff were sweeping people off the streets and putting on trains out of Cardiff. They put him on a service to Sheffield...
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    Hope Valley Capacity Scheme updates

    The biggest problem with the railway between Dore and Sheffield is that it does not pass through the main centres of population and it dumps its passengers well away from where they want to be.
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    Hope Valley Capacity Scheme updates

    Hope Valley trains arrived at Sheffield station at 7.19 and 8.22 in June 1987 Anybody using the Hope Valley stations would be the heros of the commuter world, especially office workers. Sheffield station is not central and an uphill walk of 1-2km to all offices, main hospitals the...
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    Hope Valley Capacity Scheme updates

    By the summer of 87 Sheffield departures to Dore and Hope Valley had increased from: 5.47, 6.31, 9.32, 12.33, 14.45, 16.31, 17.31, 19.33, 22.25 to 6.04, 6.55, 7.23, 9.39, 10.49, 12.42, 14.49, 15.47, 16.35,17.36, 18.40, 20.27 I don't think there ever was a rush hour along the Hope Valley...