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    Trivia: trains which divide into more than two sections

    In DEMU days there was at least one train from Victoria that was front 3 Uckfield, middle 3 Crowborough or Eridge, rear 3 East Grinstead.
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    [Trivia] Stations with non-standard signage

    Kearsney has a painted sign on the down platform reading "Kearsney for River & Ewell" which I think was uncovered when a building was demolished and then restored.
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    What routes across London are actually permitted on the '+' tickets?

    Thanks Paul, that's interesting about the barriers. My office is at Piccadilly Circus and at going home time I can get to STP for the 17.37 whereas from CHX the first direct one is at 18.01 so it's really worth going high speed at that particular time.
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    What routes across London are actually permitted on the '+' tickets?

    I have a similar question - if I get a Folkestone to Motspur Park off-peak return with Network Card going up on Sunday night, if I then go to work at Piccadilly Circus from MOT on the following Thursday morning I know I'll need an extra ticket from MOT to Piccadilly Circus because the Network...
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    People Mis-Naming Railway Station/Companies - Habit?

    I know someone in his 40s who refers to Tooting as Tooting Junction - he's not a train fan so it's possible it's still known as that to the locals. (Became just Tooting in 1938 according to Wiki.)
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    March 2019 Oyster Extensions Confirmed

    There seems to be a new announcement on SWR as Chessington-bound trains arrive at Motspur Park - something to the effect that contactless and Oyster PAYG are not valid beyond "the next station". That's not right, is it? Seems really random.
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    Where was Network SouthEast's headquarters?

    This all makes me feel old - remember watching FBC going up from our office high up in the General Offices at Waterloo, then visiting the shell to see where our desks were going to be. Very happy memories of that building.
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    Where was Network SouthEast's headquarters?

    The canteen at FBC used to have a French cafe vibe - they even installed a couple of half 2CV cars to create a low relief street scene. Ah, happy days!
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    The UK's most 'classic' medium-sized stations

    I like Faversham, solid LCDR buildings, two island platforms with full canopies, lots of decorative features.
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    Weirdest Oddities Still on the UK Network?

    Deal is the only place (I think!) where class 395 Javelins are signalled by semaphores.
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    SWR & SE Diagrams

    The 06.45 Ashford to Ramsgate is a 3 car, if you were feeling dedicated!
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    Two views of one line from one spot?

    If you're on a Southeastern high speed rounder going east over the Medway at Rochester you can see the Medway bridge on HS1 over which your train will pass west in two and a half hours.
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    Examples of vehicles in TOC livery (Not trains)

    Years back Connex South Eastern ran a coach service between Ashford and Calais via Eurotunnel. The coaches were run by Eastonways and were plain white with a Connex South Eastern logo on them. Actually would be a useful service even today but it generally ran less than half empty, with most...
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    Heat on trains - What class is the warmest?

    455s on SWR are horrific in hot weather - barely a breath of air gets through, especially on the /9s that seem to have particularly tiny windows. The ex-508 trailers in the /7s are probably the best bet.
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    Steam Engines at Terminals

    Another odd example was Bembridge on the Isle of Wight - didn't have space for a full engine release space on to the run-round loop so had to have a short turntable instead. Not sure if there were other examples of this.