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    Drop in passenger numbers sees train services cut

    I am planning to make a journey Friday and Saturday. I think emergency timetables should be published - to leave a skeleton service. Trains are empty. People still need to make 'essential' journeys.
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    RMT Strike on SWR Train Service Information / Travel Advice (latest action suspended)

    No real improvement on December. Still no service to Guildford via Epsom. During the earlier strikes many months go, they did have service on this line.
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    Heathrow Southern Link proposals

    There was a terrible road accident on New Year's Eve concerning BA staff. The more that can be done to improve public transport to the airport, the better.
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    Landslip Near Epsom

    Today, they have introduced a 'semi-fast' service from Guildford to Waterloo, so called 'non-stop' from Effingham Junction to Raynes Park. The problem is that this service is only 3 minutes later than the stopping service via Cobham, so it will not be fast or non-stop at all, it will be crawl...
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    Balcombe Tunnel Flooded 20/12

    Also landslip south of Guildford and multiple other flooding events in the South. This affects another route to Gatwick Airport - a lot of people will be travelling today.
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    December 2019 timetable change.

    Even without the strike making the new timetable meaningless, there would be chaos for SWR due to the line closure between Epsom and Motspur Park.
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    SWR Longest Strike - December 2019

    Is it true that the RMT is planning more strikes in 2020?
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    SWR Longest Strike - December 2019

    Both the 06.34 and the 07.04 from Epsom to Waterloo were cancelled this morning. Shortage of train crew was the reason. People from Epsom itself have an alternative (Southern to Victoria or London Bridge), but people in some of the stations further down, such as Worcester Park, do not.
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    SWR Longest Strike - December 2019

    Awful so far. Various reports of cancelled and short trains. Short trains should not be happening. All trains should be max length. Signal failure (again) in Wokingham area. Us fare paying passengers/customers being treated like dirt yet again. Most of what I want to say is unprintable.
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    London Bridge Station Closed 29/11/19

    It appears to be, yes.
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    London Bridge Station Closed 29/11/19

    Due to an incident on London Bridge (the bridge), London Bridge Station is closed. Trains are passing through without stopping. Trains are not starting from London Bridge.
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    List of published December 2019 timetable pdf files

    The SWR timetable is a work of fiction, certainly for most of December. We don't know how many strikes are planned for 2020.
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    Disruption to Southern (and GWR) Services during the SWR strike

    The hourly bus is much slower than the train. They could have arranged the train times such that a change at Wimbledon was realistic (Epsom to Guildford), but with an hourly service there would be a 54 minute wait. The only acceptable way to get from Epsom to Guildford is Southern to Dorking...
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    Epsom to St Pancras International

    The national rail journey planner suggests going via Vauxhall and Victoria line, why not via London Bridge and Thameslink to St Pancras? Which is faster/more efficient/easier? I have to get 10.24 Eurostar to Paris.