360 for WCML?

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Julian G

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9 Jun 2005
now what the (beep) is going on :?

37422 Cardiff Canton said:
Re: Class 360 Desiro.

Plans are afoot to transfer the whole fleet of 21 Class 360 Desiro’s from ONE Great Eastern to ‘West Coast Rail’ in exchange for a similar number of Class 321’s.

The Class 360’s which do not have end doors are to go to West Coast ‘North Sector’ AKA Central Trains, in turn releasing 20 Class 350’s to West Coast ‘South Sector’ AKA Silverlink Trains.

Thus having two fleet of trains to each sector, the need for end doors on Northern WC services is minimal, however to high commuter level of service into London Euston requires end doors, enter the remaining 350’s.

The whole fleet of 51 units both 350/360 will be maintained at Northampton TMD.

Re: Class 321.

The number of class 321’s to be transferred to ONE GE is around the number of 360’s to be received the other way about 20/21 however 3-6 Class 321’s MAY then go to First ScotRail to be used on the North Berwick Branch instead of the current Class 90 + MK3 Stock. In turn bring the Class 322’s back to East Anglia.
The Great Northern / Thameslink Franchise requires additional rolling stock, bidders are being asked to quote for diesel units, however the release of the 360’s and traction cascaded will allow the Class 321’s to release 317’s from ONE to be used on by Thameslink / Great Northern.
oh great :x now we have alienators (323), pendofailure, and two types of Desiro, on the WCML
well done!! :x :x so now the only place i will get to hear the buzz of the pantograph is 319 :shock:

hmm, maybe we might need 312s back,eh? ;)
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8 Jun 2005
This better not happen! If they do 'One' will lose a lot fo credit. As already stated these 360's were desingned for the Great Eastern Mainline and with their air conditioning they are much more suited to the Clacton/Walton branches than the 321's..
11 Jul 2005
What can ONE do, it will be all done from higher above. It does make sense to have the faster accelerating units on the WCML. It will all come together one day and will all be under one roof....

Enter British Rail
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