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5 Nov 2014
  1. A lot of hex drivers left because of uncertainty over crossrail
  2. This uncertainy has subsided by operations being transferred to GwR.
  3. Some drivers tuped over to MTR in the september before tfl rail west launched.
  4. While GwR staff get free duty related travel on tfl rail. This might not apply to hex staff contracted through GwR.(Im not sure, but the relationship betwern tfl and hex isnt great)


13 Jul 2018
Good Morning,
I've been lurking in the background forever, so I do apologize for not contributing . I just recieved my offer for Trainee Train Driver Hex, so I just wanted to know, roughly if it can be said by them on training courses now:

1-How long by estimates is the course (I've been told 7 months or longer due to Class 387 conversion)
2-How have the Holidays been spread out for them on the October course?
3- what is the Training Salary, as I couldn't get s definitive answer from HR.

Bit of background to my questions: Currently Civil Servant on around £35k, but money isn't the issue per se. Before, I was in the railways for 3 years as a Manager and then Rail Operator before I left due to there being a lack of Driver roles. More pressing for me however ,is at least having some time to go to Colombia where my fiancée lives so that I can meet her parents before she may come here with their minds at rest.
Sorry again , and also for the long post.

Not open for further replies.