West London Line bits 07/10

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25 Jun 2005
Rail replacement bus cab
I left home at 11:25, arriving at Forest Hill 11:35. Having purchased my ticket, I crossed the bridge and waited for the 11:38 Southern service to Clapham Junction. This turned up at 11:37, and was formed of a single Class 455. The journey to Clapham was quite bumpy, and watching the 377s roll by was an enviable sight. We arrived at Clapham at 12:01, and took the 12:05 Silverlink service to Kensington Olympia.

Soon after arriving, 66604 passed on 6Z37 Angerstein - Pengam. Then 92005 passed on WEFOC to Dollands Moor. 73206 + 73209 also put in an appearance on 6G14 Hounslow - Eastleigh, arriving and running round on diesel, and departing on the juice.

After, I took the 15:17 Silverlink 313 service to Clapham Junction. A Tamper was stabled in the siding, and Class 442s were utilising the Windsor platforms. I went to St Pauls, then Victoria, where I took the 17:25 service to Epsom Downs.

At Sutton, I noted that the next northbound service was at 18:45, the time being 18:15. We diverged onto the single branch, and it was a fair paced journey to Epsom Downs.

Apon arrival, I took the exit on the London end of the platform, hoping to find a shop outside. No such luck, so when I reached the end of the long path to the road, I walked along the residential street towards the other "exit" on the country end. After 2 minutes of walking, I realised that I couldn't find the entrance! So I turned back and searched for the exit I just came from. I walked too far and come to an Audi showroom. So I had to walk back, and realised that the entrance to the unadvertised station was a fairly thin gap between two houses. I just about made the 18:35 service, which I took to West Croydon, arriving 18:56.

Realising that the last Forest Hill train was at 18:45, I took the tram to East Croydon, where I caught the 19:10 train back to Forest Hill formed of a 455.

A few new shots @ http://rjhamilton.fotopic.net/c1101949.html

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