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UK Railway Forums
Discussion of any UK railway topic not covered elsewhere.
16,060 523,323
Discuss all aspects of rail infrastructure here, including stations and permanent way.
Subforum: Future High Speed Rail
6,845 212,959
Discussion on various aspects of UK locomotives, multiple units and other rolling stock.
Today 16:30 Go to last post
8,263 258,234
Discussion on timetabling, rolling stock allocations and operating diagrams.
7,248 100,804
Discussion of jobs and vacancies on the railways, advice for applications & interviews and information on work experience.
5,787 92,523
Discussion of railtours/charters, heritage railways and other rail-related attractions.
2,708 27,430
Fares, Ticketing & Routeing
Requests for good value tickets and routeing advice, as well as general discussion on fares policy.
19,824 253,921
Seek help here on penalty fares, fines and other post-travel ticketing issues.
1,736 64,614
Contains a comprehensive guide to fares & ticketing.
by yorkie
1st January 2013 21:46 Go to last post
11 168
Other Rail & Transport
Discussion of railways and other surface transport outside of the UK, including Eurostar and Enterprise.
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2,764 32,050
Includes buses, trams, metros, light rail and any other forms of public transport.
Subforums: London Underground and Buses & Coaches
4,341 145,346
Discuss railway modelling, collectables, books, magazines and other railway media.
1,251 9,366
Questions, discussions and troubleshooting regarding transport-based simulations and computer games.
20th October 2016 21:19 Go to last post
2,793 28,030
Rail Photography
Plug and discuss your rail/transport blogs, photography and videography websites here.
Subforum: Photography Advice & Discussion
16,282 56,499
RailUK's weekly railway photography competition!
1,007 8,587
Other Forums
Information and announcements from the forum staff at RailUK Forums.
103 1,963
Discussion of world events & topics not covered elsewhere in the forum.
6,755 225,843
The place for posting your journey, meet up or trip planning requests and reports.
2,279 46,928
Discussion of Railway History and the place for sharing stories of days gone by.
1,001 13,493
Why not take part in our popular quizzes and games?
631 339,466

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