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5.6 PTE Products: Day Rangers

There are seven Passenger Transport Executives (PTEs):
Transport for London products are discussed separately in Sections 5.9, 5.10 and 5.11.

All seven PTEs offer a range of integrated travel products within their own areas, for a day’s unlimited travel on a combination of different modes of transport, including buses, trains, and trams in some areas. For more details, please visit the pages below (only products including unlimited train travel have been shown):

5.6.1 Time Restrictions

A number of PTE day rangers offer a peak version and an off-peak version for the same product, with the former costing more having no time restriction whatsoever. Many PTE day rangers also have additional validity in the early hours of the following day, in line with National Rail products. For more details, please visit the website of each product.

5.6.2 Ticket Issuing

Many PTE day rangers have non-descriptive names. All of them can be found under a specific Rovers & Rangers menu on any TIS (Ticket Issuing System) and each have a different code that can be used for quick reference. A .pdf file of selected codes is attached below. Please note that this code is different to the CRS/NLC codes used in the origin/destination fields - which is an alternative way to issue some of these products, but not all.

All PTE day rangers should be issued on one coupon. Many of them cannot be sold outside the area, on the train or from a TVM as they require dedicated stock.

5.6.3 NRCoC Condition 19

It is debatable whether a PTE day ranger constitutes a zonal ticket for the purpose of Condition 19(a). Please note that even if so, it is unclear whether the boundaries of PTE products join together, unless they overlap at stations (e.g. West Yorkshire DayRover and South Yorkshire TravelMaster Day overlap at Darton, amongst others).
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