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6.1.4 Family & Friends Railcard

The Family & Friends Railcard provides a 34% discount on adult fares and a 60% discount on child fares when at least one named adult travels with at least one child in Standard Class. Up to two adults can be named on the card. All passengers using tickets discounted by the same Railcard must travel together at all times. Discount is not available in First Class, except for upgrades to First Class at weekends (subject to availability) upon payment of the appropriate supplement.

The discount is available at all times on journeys which start or end outside of the Network area. For journeys wholly within the Network area, the Railcard is valid at the same time the Off-Peak Day Return or Off-Peak Day Travelcard fare for the journey becomes valid. There are some exceptions so please check. There is a minimum fare of 1 for each child on a Family & Friends Railcard.

London Travelcards have separate minimum fare arrangements. For details please see Section 5.9.5.

The Railcard is available for purchase at 30 per year currently (or 70 for 3 years) from any ticket office or online. No photograph is required.

The commonly used code for the Family & Friends Railcard in Ticket Issuing Systems is FAM. The code printed on tickets with the this particular discount applied is "FAM" (for adults) and "CHFAM" (for children) respectively.

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