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6.2 Group Travel

For ten or more passengers, many Train Companies have dedicated sales teams to sell tickets for your group, which tend to be cheaper than full-price individual tickets. If booking for a group of this size, it is advisable to obtain quote(s) from relevant Train Company(s) appropriate to the route. Sometimes it can be cheaper to use a collection of tickets discounted under other schemes, the details of which are provided in this section.

Group Day tickets are available for groups of ten or more passengers travelling together within the London zonal area in a number of different zonal combinations. For more details, please see here. Unfortunately Group Day tickets are not valid throughout the London zonal area on National Rail, for which an alternative scheme, such as GroupSave (using the cheapest outboundary Travelcard) might offer better value.

In addition, many Train Companies offer discounted fares on selected flows for groups of three or more passengers. (Northern Rail offer discounts for two passengers when travelling together on selected flows.)
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