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Old 13th February 2013, 22:12   #16
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So then will they re-lengthen platform 2 - well surely they'll have to?
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Old 14th February 2013, 19:21   #17
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Proposal is for a Runround capable of taking any loco on Network now.
Standage of approx 180m in the platform
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Old 16th February 2013, 20:31   #18
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What about this Potash Mine employing 1000 people! Surely theres some work there for Railway?
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Old 16th February 2013, 20:36   #19
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Originally Posted by kylemore View Post
What about this Potash Mine employing 1000 people! Surely theres some work there for Railway?
It's been looked at but as far as I'm aware they've given up on trying to get a railway into the site and they're going to be using a pipeline to take the potash to Teesside and then, I presume, either loading it onto ships for export or onto rail for transport within the UK.

Either way it doesn't look like the new mine will have a rail link.
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Old 16th February 2013, 20:58   #20
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It is good news to see that finally the NYMR have got all the finance in place to build the much needed second platform at Whitby.

In Moors Line, the NYMR quarterly journal, it showed how the track-work was to be altered so that the second platform can be of real benefit to the NYMR. There will also be a run-round, release road between the tracks in platform's 1 & 2. This will mean that NYMR locomotives can run round their trains, without all the current performance.

Also the current run-round, which can only be accessed by backing the whole train into the loop and then, backing the whole train back into the platform, will be in future accessed from platform 2, so that any incoming charters can be held separate to both platforms, as not to cause any delays to either Northern Services to Middlesbrough, or the NYMR services to Pickering.

All that they need now is to have a second DMU added to the services between Whitby & Middlesbrough, so that the Esk Valley gets a decent service both ways, especially when the new station at James Cook Hospital in opened.

Otherwise the NYMR with 5 services into Whitby will be the most frequent services into that town, Northern only has 4 services at this time. As I often holiday near to Grosmont, I have used both services into Whitby and used the Esk Valley service to Middlesbrough. And the later really needs to be increased.
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Old 24th February 2013, 01:07   #21
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Just got back from a visit to Whitby today. In this weeks Whitby Gazette is an article in which some members of the council express disappointment that the new platform will not mean more Northern services. It seems that some of these worthies may benefit from a short primer on how Britain's railways are now organised (if that's the word I'm looking for), but they do have a point. As it was the transport of schoolchildren that was supposed to be the factor behind the retention of the line, the services are operated for their benefit, which means that the first train out of town in the morning is 0850, making it effectively useless for commuters to Teesside.
Anyway, one of these councilors/rail activists rather sniffily remarked that 'the only people who will benefit are the North York Moors Railway'. Nobody in the article pointed out that, since it was a NYMR initiative, being done with a financial package that they had put together, then surely that was only logical?
Perhaps the importance of the issue locally can be judged from the fact that, although it was a full page article, headed with a photo of a Northern 156 in Whitby station, the paper had buried it on page 9 or 11 or thereabouts. Oh yes, and I know we're not going down this route again, but one of the people quoted has, apparently just started a petiton to demand the re-instatement of the rail link from Pickering to....oh, you know the rest.
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Old 24th February 2013, 03:56   #22
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Originally Posted by Midlandman View Post
Oh yes, and I know we're not going down this route again, but one of the people quoted has, apparently just started a petition to demand the re-instatement of the rail link from Pickering to....oh, you know the rest.
Perhaps the personage who has started this petition might well consider the idea so good to devote all his undoubted energies into convincing the good burghers of Whitby to revise their council tax budget to make the funding for this "dream" a reality in preference to any other pre-existing budgetary arrangement.

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Old 24th February 2013, 20:56   #23
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Sitting here in my study in South Shields sipping a cuppa and awaiting the time to wander down to the pub I can easily see how appealing to the good people of Whitby the idea of a direct rail link to Whitby is, especially as they didn't what the thing to close in the first place. I could also add that even though the NYMR has done a good job with their existing line if events had fallen differently maybe they would have been better of with the Whitby to Scarborough line.

Personally I think one day the missing Pickering to Malton section will one day be put back in. I dont know who by and with whose money, but I am pretty sure it wont be with mine. I am perfectly willing to let the good people of Whitby fight that one out themselves.

Perhaps though it would be better to work first toward the building of a chord at Battersby which by my reckoning would knock fifteen minutes of the journey time. If the Festiniog diversion and WHR lines can be built by volunteer labour then this one should be easy.

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