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    Will you be eating out to help out?

    Had a fairly good steak and chips, with a generous helping of onion rings and a cold pint of beer for less than £7 yesterday from Glasshoughton Wetherspoons. Had to queue for around 15 minutes to get in though.
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    Motorway services

    Let's be fair. Something that restricts your breathing in a public bog is no bad thing..
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    FoSS Rover railcard query

    Seems to be correct. specifically shows "no fares available" if you search for the FOSS rover with a 26-30 railcard.
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    Guess the Train...

    Open floor
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    Stations you've changed trains at but never left

    Loads for me, though does "changing trains" include shack scores? In which case it'll probably be a four figure number! I've left many a station in the hunt for a 'Spoons or an off licence though. I assume the mention of Mallaig above is either someone track bashing or changing from Sprinter to...
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    Fish & Chip Prices

    They deep fry PIES up there...?!! And I thought Wigan folk were wierd (well...) for sticking them in a barm!
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    Guess the Train...

    Class 165?
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    TRIVIA: Replacement Bus Services calling at stations off line of route

    Think it's already been mentioned, but local services on the South WCML usually see RRBs to Stanmore LU.
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    Guess the Station...

    Didn't last long!
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    Guess the Station...

    Another 170 themed post
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    Guess the Station...

    Old Hill?
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    Guess the Station...

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    Guess the Station...

    Neither of those two. It was taken from a 170.
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    Travelling on Crosscountry?

    Some, if not all, Northern TVMs do indeed have a "quick select" (or similar) button that lists the most popular tickets from that station. I've never really played with one to see if that's all it shows, but it's still better than nothing.