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  • yup cant wait till we get a set :D they had a sales stand on the tour everything was there execpt what i wanted most! ahh well was nice to meet the guys.

    is One two five posted to you or e-mailed?
    i joined the 125 group :D think i spent £40 on the sales stand :) im 43073 because 050 and 072 were gone :(
    could you please stop with offending me and swearing, i only have opinions and i don't want to fall out with people

    hope that's ok

    im glad you agree with me on that thread where Virign Train Freak posted about "HST`s being too long"

    lol some of the stuff he posted cracks me up
    no i don't run one and what you said was very rude!
    no need to be harsh but i would like to see you try
    oh no you have no chance like none of us do...
    we all have pretty much no chance...
    No hard feelings (from a while ago)... but in fairness, I don't think you could run a train company either. Belive me, I know, my friend GNERman runs one.
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