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    Not train sounds, the trackwork sounds
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    Hi, Are there any sound files to download that replace the poor default sounds that come with MSTS? If not, i will get the ones from Thanks for your help
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    Start up

    Hi guys, How do i delete the start up screen of MSTS? Cheers
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    Class 50

    Hi everyone A quote from 240 diverter at TSC: "Latest developments with the future class 50 release for those who may be interested. Comments on the above welcome, although please bear in mind that the 50 is still in a very early...
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    Boness For BVE 4 Released
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    Poor frame-rates solved (ish)

    The windows media player theory works for me as well, as i experience a decent increase in frame rates of up to 33% at times, since doing this i have noticed a much improved driving experience. Therefore, it's definitely worth a go, however, i still get the occasional pause and stuttering, which...
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    Weald Line Update

    ....and it looks like even 'leafy' Kent isn't devoid of graffiti artists! Just driven it in BVE4 to Maidstone and i thoroughly enjoyed it, some excellent work has gone into this and it feels pretty authentic. Will 'thrash the Cig along it soon. Also makes a nice break to have a quiet cab...
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    Weald Line Update

    Yeah, but you can still drive it in BVE4
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    Weald Line Update

    Can be found here: Looks good
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    37218 & 37259

    Tractor fan, do you know what liveries they were in when DRS bought them? Thanks for the photos, there must be some more 37 site's around? (i've been to the 37 loco group and the Junction)
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    37218 & 37259

    Having seen them yesterday on the Ditton-Purfleet, I'm after some old photos/info of these locos before they were acquired by DRS. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Many thanks for your help.
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    Sandymill Loop for BVE4

    Rich, this has been out for months! See here:
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    Yessss, Bakerloo is out!
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    Edinburgh to Aberdeen HST

    More great news, what a week, hst, updated 87, richwell and now this, with the Bakerloo on the horizon as well! Great work everybody!
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    HST BVE4 & Richwel;l Updates

    No, not that i can see! I'm glad i found it, has been most useful!