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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    Better still !
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    One out of two will do just fine! Thanks mate! :D
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    Can anyone id the units working the 1720 Crewe - Shrewsbury (etc) today (Weds 27th) ? Think it was 153314/306 but not sure. And from yesterday (Tues 26th) the 66 working a ballast into Basford Hall from the south around 1630 ?
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    Extended bridges which have seen very few trains

    As I understand it the chord was primarily built to allow traffic from Wellington to reach Basford Hall from the south, and to allow closure of the Silverdale-Stoke section. Back then Oxley - Wellington - Market Drayton - Crewe had significant freight flows. The colliery survived until 1998...
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    Coronavirus: How scared should we be?

    Except that there are many other differences between Sweden and the UK apart from the lockdown policies.
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    Is "Recovery Time" an unfair waste of a passenger's lifetime?

    You would also need a traincrew to work such a service. Going back to the OP if you really, really want to get to New Street a few minutes quicker then just do the "Wolverhampton Shuffle" as it is known in our household. If the Scottish train is on time jump off, over the bridge, and catch the...
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    Earlestown Fire (20/05)

    We were walking on Bickerton Hill in South Cheshire and it was very obvious from there !
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    Is "Recovery Time" an unfair waste of a passenger's lifetime?

    I think you need to distinguish between recovery time, pathing allowances and standing time at stations. And, as far as I can see, these trains are allowed a 3 minute stop at Crewe, which is hardly a "longish wait" given the number of passengers who alight and entrain at Crewe.
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    Under 25s most likely to be impacted economically

    Or maybe things will be pretty well back to normal in a year's time. A lot of people will have had their plans disrupted. But they can then move on. I fell ill a few weeks before I was due to go to University. It put me back a year. Did it really impact adversely on my life? No. (Because...
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    Under 25s most likely to be impacted economically

    It will pass and normality will return, even if it's a different normality. A cohort of young people will have had a phase of their life disrupted. Disrupted. Not "thrown away". My father's career was disrupted for five years in the 1940s; my grandfather's between 1914 and 1918. Then they...
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    Transport operators should call out government advice to use cars?

    One obvious problem is that areas that are usually quiet can be very busy at specific times. We are expecting a hot, sunny day tomorrow. With people furloughed and children off school trains to the likes of Southport, Scarborough, Windermere could be heaving.
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    Can anyone id the Colas 56 at Basford Hall this afternoon (assuming it was the only one there … ) ?
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    My opinion: children are safer if they are attending school

    Quite a lot of teachers have worked throughout the lockdown.
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    Can rail staff travel in first class?

    I have to say that I find the inclination of staff in uniform to plonk themselves in the limited First Class on Desiros irritating. No skin off my nose but not sure it sets the right example.