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  • Hi Jon, I signed up for aperts from Northern, they sent me an email when the advert was placed and I went from there really. It's worth looking at your local TOCs and signing up for job alerts. I would say stay away from depot driving as the work isn't interesting and the pay is poor compared to main line.
    As for the drop in pay, I worked my nuts off at my part time and saved enough to see me through 12 months but there's always interest free credit cards, I'm not condoning credit but you'll soon be in a position to pay it off, small pain for long term gain, that's what I had drilled into me by my mate who took the leap a few years ago. I honestly, hand on heart know that you won't regret it, you just need to find the company hiring!

    Hi Lee,

    Cheers for the message, it's just how to get on the ladder is the tricky bit! It will certainly be a stretch, going to a trainee wage from being WM day-crewed will be a real pinch! Like you say, something needs to give, I'm done with the politics and pension debacle too! Where did you hear about the trainee vacancy? I'm more than happy to move away (further south west) but its finding the way in thats the trick! Any other advice would be awesome. Cheers for now, Jon
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