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  • Skelton Junction is in Timperley which is a part of Altrincham. It is now in a well built up area of mainly 1930s housing (built for commuting on the MSJA), although there few older houses in the area that could have existed in 1874 and probably several more that have been demolished. It was then a farming area. Timperley village is not too far away and certainty was an active centre at that time and I would expect a birth certificate to say Timperley.
    The junction was named after a local landowner.

    There are also several other Skeltons mainly in Yorkshire and Cumbria
    HI I am searching for information about Skelton Junction. My grandfather was born at Skelton Junction in 1874 according to his birth cert and as far as I can make out there was only ever a junction there or was there a village his name was Edward Williams and moved to crewe
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