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    Ticket Anomalies with TL

    This raises a lot of questions: -is the discussion under caution? if it isn’t, what is your status? I’d want it to be clear what they are precisely investigating and whether you are under suspicion of an offence (if you are, it should be under caution). - have you had any disclosure? I would...
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    Payment for rail replacement taxis

    That’s great customer service. Things invariably go wrong sometimes and I always think it the mark of a company is how they respond once something goes wrong.
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    Preserved Railways reopening with Diesel traction

    The East Lancs Railway is running their Class 24 today.
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    The future of railcards post-Covid

    That’s actually a really good point,with the need to increase the demand for leisure travel maybe there should be a National “leisure railcard” -along the same lines as the Network Railcard.
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    What swings the balance for you between a direct service and one where you change?

    When I was a student in my final year in Manchester back in 2007/2008 I used to go home weekly to London as I was doing a weekend course to line me up for my job after uni. Obviously, a weekly trip for several months could be prohibitively expensive for a student. I found out that there was a...
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    Are you an Essential Worker in London? If so, we want to hear from you

    I’m a key worker (police officer) and for the duration of the emergency I’ve given up on the train and moved to the car for the following reasons: - Parking charges have been suspended - the train service has been reduced and I’m a bit worried about being in close proximity to others - the...
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    Standees on heritage railways

    I have though in the past what would happen if a passenger was stranded on a heritage railway on account of the last train being too full to board. I don’t know if it’s ever happened, but I do remember a visit I made to the Bluebell a few years ago when there was disruption after a failed train...
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    Steam Footplate Experience - help

    Not done it myself, but the North York Moors Railway seems to fit the bill:
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    Brighton to Victoria off peak changes

    Have the NRCOT been amended to allow valid based on brand rather than TOC?
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    SWR Strike - Do I really have to accept 2.5 hour delay on pre-booked ticket

    Take it to the ombudsman. SWR are taking the proverbial.
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    Contactless/SmartCard Payments at Milton Keynes Central

    Metropolitan Police officers have smart cards for use on trains across Southeast England.
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    Bracknell to Canary Wharf

    Completely “out there” suggestion, but to avoid/massively reduce the £5.5k fare you could sign up as a special constable in the Met. You have to do about two shifts a month, you don’t get paid, but you get free travel on TFL services (Elizabeth Line). £5000 divided by 25 min shifts a year = £200...
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    Two together on Heathrow Express

    Surely if you selected a specific time and selected the railcard and it gave you a discounted ticket then that forms a contract? I appreciate the tickets don’t come printed with a time, but if it allowed you to select a time at booking then the contract is formed? Not sure if you can prove that...
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    SWR Longest Strike - December 2019

    indeed, surely compensation should be made against the time of trains advertised at the time of purchase as a basic tenant of consumer law? People have been querying compensation due to season ticket holders on Twitter and they are being advised it will be down to delays against the “amended...
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    Southeastern revenue staff making an appearance

    I was speaking to some police officers that do gateline ops semi-regularly (looking for police officers abusing their subsidised travel as it happens) and they often work in consultation with the TOCs. They told me that the gateline staff regularly see people “double gating” but are not...