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    Least popular journeys made between two stations served by a direct train? Based on tickets sold?

    Shippea Hill to Harling Road. One of the least used stations on the network to a tiny village.
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    Non-Urgent TOPS Requests

    Would anyone be able to tell me which locomotive worked this train and what it was hauling. Thank you.
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    Trivia: which railway station is furthest from the town it serves?

    Lakenheath Railway Station is 2.8 miles from Station to Village Centre.
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    Ely North Junction upgrade proposals

    MarkyT has a much simpler layout without the speed restrictions from my initial offering.
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    Ely North Junction upgrade proposals

    That is a simplified yet more affordable option for certain and still maintains the use of the existing bridge removing two level crossings. I may also be possible to leave the loop in place for Norwich to Peterborough or Kings Lynn with this layout. However based on regularity of use I can...
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    Ely North Junction upgrade proposals

    I believe the sand trains use the loop line at the moment, it also future proofs the design. It would only need to be single track and unelectrified. The lake may be possible to bridge with just a couple of pillars, I believe it is an artificial lake so environmental concerns should be...
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    Ely North Junction upgrade proposals

    Less than HS2 but more than a packet of crisps. I am not a quantity surveyor so honestly couldn't tell you. I would guess it wouldn't be a significant difference to some of the bigger ideas thrown around on this thread.
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    Ely North Junction upgrade proposals

    If the balloon loop was redoubled, and an extension was put across the empty land as show in the picture, all Peterborough traffic could be rerouted closing one level crossing. If the King Lynn line was then spurred off the Peterborough line north of the balloon loop exit that would shut two of...
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    Which station is named after the longest road?

    This post made me very happy.
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    TRIVIA - Places where the mainline is slower than an alternative route

    Would the Queen Adelaide balloon loop qualify, Thetford to Peterborough is quicker via the balloon loop than via Ely, not sure if that is enough of a deviation under the OP's rules?
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    Trivia: Which Station Sees Most Variety Of Passenger Rolling Stock Calling/Passing?

    I think Leeds is going to take some beating there.
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    Class 321s on West Anglia

    \class 321's are sometimes known as bins due to the television show 3-2-1 and the character Dusty Bin
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    What next for Hull Trains 180's?

    You do have 12 intermediate cars in the HT 180's and 11 2 car 175s at ATW, could be a case to upgrade all the 2 car 175 to 3 car and have a new 3 car set. Just because engines are 750 hp doesn't mean they have to use all 750hp or for that matter is there enough grunt in a 175 for an un-powered...
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    08s on the mainline

    On the back of a low loader lorry, not that long I wouldn't have thought.
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    With the electrification going on would it be practical to remove the diesel engines in the Voyagers and add a pantograph coach for fully electrified services. Reducing weight, increasing capacity and creating the space required for the electrical gubbins?