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    Advice Only for Greater Anglia - Delay Repay Fraud

    Extremely good point, well made.
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    Avanti Delay Repay Experience...

    Yes, this what I have advised him to do - either that or Twitter if he's more comfortable with it. Previous experience with Virgin (Never tried Avanti yet, but I'm not hopeful!) however leads me to believe there may be a number of problems with this approach 1) You have to get through to...
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    Senior railcard renewal, asking for photo

    There comes a point however where that turns into a bad investment! ;) I always remember my old dad saying "What do I want with a three-pack of underpants at my time of life?":lol:
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    Avanti Delay Repay Experience...

    The problem with having a little bit of knowledge of railway matters means that friends and relatives often ask for advice. Glad to help as far as my knowledge allows - but of course there's no allowing for what they might actually experience! My young nephew, low-waged, was desirous of...
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    Avanti First class experience.

    Seems to me the cost has more than doubled (for me at least) but it's still the same old lottery. No thanks.
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    The Disused Remains of Toton Yard

    Excellent. Dropped my son off in Toton for New Year's Eve yesterday. Just sent him this video and told him that's today sorted for him. :D Though fool that he is, he'll probably rather mess around with his girlfriend! :lol:
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    London North Eastern Railway First Class service

    Sounds like a recipe for disaster! o_O
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    16-25 3 Year Railcard latest age you can buy it at?

    Thanks toomm. He's already 24 so I think he's missed that boat. Appreciate these replies by the way. I've been put on the spot! :frown:
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    16-25 3 Year Railcard latest age you can buy it at?

    Thanks MCR, I think that's my understanding also.
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    16-25 3 Year Railcard latest age you can buy it at?

    Is it the day before your 24th birthday or your 25th ? Also are Trainline offering their discount on 3 year cards? I suspect not. Thanks for any info. Can't seem to quickly find it myself. Being hassled by a nephew. The perils of being known as a rail enthusiast! :rolleyes:
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    Weddings at GCR - highly recommended!

    A very uplifting read! All the best to you.
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    John Axon - Radio Ballads

    Heard this a long time ago, but recently rediscovered it. It's probably been mentioned here before - but for anybody that's never heard it then they're in for a treat. The Ballad of John Axon
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    Avanti denying full Delay Repay: we should have taken next service, even though that was scheduled to be overtaken

    Presumably there is some cost to Avanti for the Ombudsman looking at a case? It may not be at financial ombudsman levels but surely something?
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    Avanti West Coast: Standard Premium

    Hence why people are asked not to use these codes. But obviously their time is very important, so they shouldn't be asked to spell it out in full. Though in that case.... why bother at all? :rolleyes:
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    Weather related disruption 31/10

    Seems to have been a triple whammy with trees down on three separate routes out of London. Possibly four!