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3 Dec 2017
19 Feb 2016
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3 Dec 2017
      Dear John (berwicksfinest)

      I do not mind you shanghaing messages and will try and help.

      Bear with me as some volumes are away being bpund.

      Was David Gibbons the guy who produced those excellent Ian Allan books with drawings of all things modern railways? I worked at St Pancras at the time in the mid 1980s and my boss reckoned it was a pity the railway did not produce anything like it.

      I have never seen these books on the second hand market.

      I wish I had kept my copies instead of gifting to my successor when I retired.

      Best wishes,

    2. berwicksfinest
      Hiya Rather than shanghai your messages about Railnews I am after a really longshot if you manage to get a full set of Railnews please would you let me know as I would dearly love a photocopy/e-mail of the stockspot of the Sprinter and Pacer drawings done by David Gibbons I believe sometime around the 1989 mark they were done over 2 months with the Classes 141 - 144 in one month and 150 - 156 the following month

      Any help would be greatly appreciated

      Many thanks

    3. Dr Hoo
      Dr Hoo
      Hi CETRAILWAYS, can you confirm that you have received this message? Dr Hoo.
    4. Dr Hoo
      Dr Hoo
      Hi. Can you please confirm that you have got this message. Still struggling with PMs myself.
    5. euryalus
      I have just sent you a PM
    6. Dr Hoo
      Dr Hoo
      Hi, I may be able to help, as I have quite a few editions of Railnews in my collection. However, it is not ideal at the moment as I am in the middle of moving house and a lot of my stuff is in store and even access to computer is intermittent.
      Can you be more specific in a PM as to what items you are missing?
      It would be interesting to know a little more about your research project.
      Regards. Dr Hoo
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