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  • Progression to mainline is slightly faster at Nottingham than Derby but Derby drivers get to drive fast intercity trains so it has its benefits.
    From what I gather depot drivers at Nottingham east Croft work less nights
    Once passed out as depot driver salary is £35400 but due a pay rise in January and July 2018 which will take it up to about £3800 and there lots of rest day work available
    Depot drivers roles do vary from depot to depot so I can only comment on Derby Etches Park.
    Depot drivers at Etches Park sign 158, 156 & 153 aswell as HST and class 222 meridian. The class 222 are maintained at Etches Park by Bombardier and 15x and HST are maintained by East Midlands Trains.
    Shifts for depot drivers vary but majority of them are nights 95% so depot drivers are trained to drive on Network Rail infrastructure so you would be collecting trains from station bringing them on to fuel lines, from fuel lines they will with either be stabled or go into sheds etches Park is a busy depot so it's a constant flow of work last train comes in at approx 2.40am first one goes out at 3.10am depot drivers don't do any ground shunting or carry out any maintenance it's purely driving and preping.
    Thanks Charlie!
    This may sound like a silly question but having a true passion for the railway I have been trying to get in for a while. Can you briefly explain a standard day to day in the life of a depot driver? I researched as much as I can with regards to shunting and light maintenance etc but I want to try and tailor my answers specific to why I want to start this as a career so I sound more professional
    Hi Charlie, thank you for your kind offer in giving advice about the position of trainee depot driver with EMT. I am currently in the process of completing the application form and trying to take some time to do it to ensure it stands out. I wondered if you could give me any industry specific information that you feel could help me?
    I am in the aviation industry at the moment and have been wanting to move to the railways but struggling with what they are looking for.
    Thanks in advance for any information you can help me out with!
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