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    HST coach disposals

    From pictures I've seen on Twitter of Mk4 stock being scrapped, Booths appear to do some initial cutting of bodywork with oxy-acetylene. I presume that a mechanical grab is then used. Those carriages also were pretty much stripped back to a bare body shell with all internal fitting and glazing...
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    Stations to avoid and why

    I have to travel to Sunderland quite regularly for work and find the station there most dispiriting to use. Dingy and fume filled, I had to spend 90 minutes of my life there recently whilst waiting for a heavily delayed Grand Central service back to London. It's one saving grace is the funky...
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    Owning a part of a pacer (or any other train for that matter)

    I managed to obtain a Pacer blind box with the blind in situ about ten years ago. One of my favourite pieces of railwayana. I'm quite tempted by one of those blinds...
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    End of the Line for Weymouth Quay branch - March 2020

    Thanks for that! I've got a Video125 drivers eye view DVD from Weymouth to Waterloo and it's got bonus footage of the Weymouth Tramway and there's similar footage of cars being manhandled out of the way of a Class 73.
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    End of the Line for Weymouth Quay branch - March 2020

    I'd love to have travelled on this! A colleague of mine grew up in Weymouth and said it was absolute chaos trying to get the train through because of parked cars. She also mentioned an unpleasant issue where passengers onboard the train were flushing toilets which would empty directly onto the...
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    Is it time for some of the ex GWR Long Marston stock?

    Looks like another move took place today between Long Marston and Newport Docks with 42115, 42166, 42108, 42294, 42178, and 42519 making their final journeys. Seems like Porterbrook are having a clear out of stored HST Mk3s now...
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    Is it time for some of the ex GWR Long Marston stock?

    Looking a bit different from when I travelled on that set late last year...
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    Is it time for some of the ex GWR Long Marston stock?

    Hope this isn't too much of a thread drift... I'm have a meeting in Newport this week and was wondering if it's worth popping down to Sims Group at the docks to see if these and the Greater Anglia Mk.3s are visible for photographing? Obviously, I realise this is a working scrapyard so my...
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    Greater Anglia Mk.3 scrapping/redeployment

    I agree, they've certainly had a good innings. My last trip from London to Norwich and back on these was around 4 years ago and my outward train in first class was still sporting Virgin West Coast decor and was looking pretty tired.
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    Greater Anglia Mk.3 scrapping/redeployment

    Thanks - I missed that. It makes sense that someone like LSL would purchase First Opens for charter operations. I believe the ones heading for scrap tomorrow are all TSOs...
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    Greater Anglia Mk.3 scrapping/redeployment

    Apparently the first Greater Anglia Mk.3 coaches will be heading to Sims Group at Newport Docks tomorrow for scrapping. The vehicle are 12143, 12005/037/042/082 & 089. Details of the move can be found here: I thought it would be...
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    Strangest bus destination screens?

    I've always found the destination Halfway intriguing and also on a Sheffield theme, the alluring sounding Crystal Peaks. I even got the bus to Crystal Peaks when I was bunking off from attending a conference in Sheffield. Sadly the reality was a rather nondescript out of town shopping centre...
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    Off lease HST's.

    Eversholt Rail Ltd own the Mk.4 stock and have a page on their website relating to specifications and potential use with other locomotives: I imagine that Porterbrook, Angel Trains etc. would be open to offers for redundant HST trailers from serious...
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    LNER to retain some Class 91s & Mk4 sets for a bit longer

    Really good news. I travel several thousand miles a year with LNER and whilst I think the Azuma has some good points, the interior specification, especially in first class is a distinct downgrade. I do hope that the remaining Mk4s have some TLC lavished on them though. I've found broken seat...
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    Life after LNER power cars

    Thanks for the 'heads up' to this. I await interest to see what happens to the power cars...