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    Manchester Oxford Road - low platforms

    The east end of platform 4 is certainly lower than the west end. A couple of weeks ago I witnessed a poor chap underestimate the step down from a class 319 and hit the deck pretty hard. He certainly wasn't a person with reduced mobility (at least not before the fall). Anyway, he was lucky not to...
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    Northern Station Improvements & New Ticket Machines

    I'm not sure if this is a common problem, but I recently noticed one of my tickets wasn't dispensed from one of Northern's new TVMs. When I asked a member of staff for help he immediately knew the problem and reached up inside the machine to dislodge a large number of stuck tickets. Sure enough...
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    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    I understand that Stalybridge Tunnel presents a far more significant challenge for electrification and the work to remedy this would be extremely disruptive - not just for the railway. Standedge, meanwhile, is roomier inside and would be comparatively straightforward to wire.
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    Platform 15 and 16 project at Manchester Piccadilly.

    I noticed the Star and Garter from P14 earlier in the week and it looked to me as if they were filming something in there. It didn't strike me as being boarded up for closure, rather the windows appeared to be covered up for lighting effects.
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    Graffiti on trains

    Someone has really gone to town with graffiti on a TPE class 185 seen at Manchester Piccadilly this morning. I think it arrived from Cleethorpes and was going empty to Ardwick, presumably for attention. Quite unusual to see graffiti on this scale in this region. I assume a train has to be taken...
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    Platform height on Merseyrail

    There's a huge variation in platform heights and offsets on the existing network. The work at Merseyrail's stations will involve track realignment and/or platform adjustments to get the platform gauge and stepping distances right for the new trains. Track realignments often extend well beyond...
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    Rusting bridges - superficial damage?

    In addition to annual visual and six-yearly detailed inspections, structural assessments of bridges are also undertaken periodically, although these are often decades apart. Assessments analyse the load carrying capacity of a bridge and take into account the condition of the structure. If an...