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    TGV Lyria - paper ticket with passenger name on it - is it transferable?

    I don't have a source at hand but I do believe the name is the passengers name. In practice I have not seen that ID was checked but I would not bank on it.
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    High Speed Train Runs One Year Late in Greece

    Railways in Greece have never had the same signicants post WW2 as in the rest of Europe, hence the lack of material. The market is marginal. Todays Railway Europe has always reported in Greece. Martin
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    High Speed Train Runs One Year Late in Greece

    Lets hope the Greek have some luck with the Italian hand me down.
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    Report on cost of rail travel in various European countries

    Its the competion with low cost air, or3the perceived competion that destroys it. Also low cost trains like Flix plunder the high demand routes. SNCF and RENFE oddly wants a cheap TGV to compete too. This totally splinters the market.
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    Report on cost of rail travel in various European countries

    interesting, the UK is inflexible. That is its main problem. Also the French sounds like its to suit the company and not the costumer.
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    Travelling to Europe by train

    totally agree with that. The problem is competion. We want travel to be dirt cheap. In relation to income, rail travel and travel generally was a lot more expensive than it is now.
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    Travelling to Europe by train

    I frequently use them for international journeys where DB fails. It can combine Thalys and ICE. Book to places Europa Spezial cannot get to. Düsseldorf to Brest (F) for example. Not a bad site. Wish it was easier to influence changeover times though.
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    Alstom wins order for new DART (Dublin) fleet

    I asked that in a Facebook group. Although I got no primary source, it was said to be at 1500 Volts to be compatible both with the existing system and with the national power grid. Martin
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    Poland: Kraków

    Thank you for. I believe some former Düsseldorf Duewag GTS trams went there too?
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    Do any European countries besides the UK and Ireland have a named concept of a "Parkway" station?

    Similar situation in Limburg Germany. The ICE station at Limburg Süd has no rail connection to Limburg Hbf. That station was also political horse trading.
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    Israel Railways Issues Notice to Proceed for Supply of 36 TRAXX Locomotives

    Interesting that they stick to the loco hauled concept. I expected something in the line of Desiro HC.
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    Are Eurostar profiteering from pandemic changes?

    I booked BA over Xmas, cancelled the trip due to covid. No idea yet if I get anything back. My request is being processed. Anybody booking this winter knows the risks and therefore should expect the loss. A voucher and I am happy. Same goes for Eurostar. They are all trying to survive.
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    Ireland trip advice

    ..."the trains and stations. A hell of a lot better than back at home. Even those which haven't been recently refurbished seem to be kept in good nick." I find that UK stations are a lot better than those at home in Germany. Merry Christmas to all of you. Martin
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    Highlight of new long distance trains in 2022 EU timetable

    @Austriantrain. Not sure where you see the competion on the Bruxelles-Paris route. The line is dominated by Thalys which is owned by SNCF/SNCB/NS. There is competion of Bruxelles-Köln but that created little benefits, prices are similar, flexibilty is non. An exception might be...
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    Interrail travel day ends at 23:59 local time or CET

    why would it be CET? Universal Mean Time is GMT. That theory would also mean that it must be "winter time" all year around on interrail. It is of course local time that counts.