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    Timetable demo for

    Works for me too. I'd suggest a slightly squarer matrix though - 9 rows x 50-odd pages means a lot of horizontal scrolling, but I appreciate the ragged right hand ends of rows so as not to split one table across two rows. Would it be possible to overlay a large table number at the start of each row?
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    Holborn Viaduct services

    From the 1978 timetable, a broad summary, not all station stops shown, but the vast majority were all-stations... Central Division Half-hourly Mon-Fri HV-Herne Hill-Streatham-Selhurst-W Croydon (from Victoria on Sat/Sun) Peak hours Mon-Fri HV-Herne Hill-Streatham-London Bridge via Wimbledon or...
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    Isle of Grain

    Just found a couple of things: 1) from 2) and from (my bold) 3) Newspaper article on the new station at...
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    South of the Alps - 12: Landscapes around Verona (50 p.)

    The Great Crested Grebe (svasso maggiore / Haubentaucher) has an elaborate courting ritual, like a dance, where they mimic each other's moves. So maybe you caught them in the middle of a complicated turn! Lovely part of the world, especially the bilingual Alto Adige/Südtirol.
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    Where was the Rillington Junction

    Have a look at which can overlay the old lines onto a current map or aerial photo.
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    Minatur Wunderland in Hamburg to Reopen

    I think the machine translation got confused by a typo in the original German: beusch -> Besuch -> visit
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    Sheffield - Rotherham Tram Train Service updates

    I'd have said more than that at certain times of day - a few times last year I travelled from the Sheffield direction about 4pm, and lost count at 30-odd getting off at Rotherham, with a smaller number staying on to Parkgate.
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    Sheffield - Rotherham Tram Train Service updates

    Parkgate also has a small park-and-ride car park for anyone commuting into Sheffield. Being local, and doing my weekly food shop at Parkgate, I've seen the odd tram-train come and go on the hourly service, with somewhere between very few and no passengers.
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    1st gen DMUs and DEMUs

    Well eventually - as originally refurbished, the seat bases were pretty hard - looked thick but with hardly any 'give' in them at all. And while the thin/hard seats on today's stock are compensated by a mostly smooth ride, the track on the SE division was as ropey as ever!
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    Hope Valley Capacity Scheme

    Anecdotal evidence - I often timed how long from tunnel entrance to exit. Pacers stopping at Grindleford almost exactly 4 mins end to end, and non-stop trains around 3.5 mins. And it's pretty rare to be on a stopping train from Sheffield that gets held at the signal before entering the tunnel...
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    Complete list of British railway companies? If not, let’s make one.

    There's a series of 'family trees' of rail companies forming the big four in the back of the big Cobb GB atlas*, showing which companies merged with which, which got taken over, dates, joint arrangements etc. *The Railways of Great Britain A Historical Atlas
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    World's Most Scenic Railways - new Channel 5 series

    The Inverness-Edinburgh one - narration slightly over-doing the superlatives, but the snowy pictures were nice.
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    Trivia - Railway Station Nests and other Wildlife

    I've seen a stork's nest on an overhead line support near Rotterdam.
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    Confirmation of rolling stock changes at Southeastern, including 707s

    Do we have any reliable corroborating source for the transfer yet, apart from Rail magazine's website? Like a press release or announcement? Nothing on Southeastern's news/media centre: (or their twitter feed) Nothing on Angel Trains news page...