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    Northern Driver Manchester

    Keep busy by being proactive, getting out there with qualified drivers, keeping on top of your knowledge and gaining new knowledge There’s plenty to keep busy with and this will eventually make you a better driver.
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    Northern Driver Manchester

    After you have passed your course and been assessed and verified you will have to do other depot training. Traction conversions Principles of route learning 4 hours main line driving with a manager Also, getting used to the depot, the type of work you’ll be doing, the terminology and going...
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    Driver Course 17th Feb Manchester

    2 day induction at the Mercure hotel, just across the road from the training academy. Dinner is provided(buffet lunch) Bring some matchsticks to keep your eyelids open!
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    Arriva rail training

    Hi, you get your rail pass on day one. Keep your ticket from the first day’s travel as they will reimburse you. You will get your uniform within 2 weeks.