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  • Hi Freddie - thanks for the message! You sent it publicly as you won't have access to Private Messages until roughly your 5th post is completed (to avoid spam). You could ask an admin or mod to enable the feature but you're only 2 posts away from it anyway!

    I should be available at some point between those dates and will be happy to help if at all possible, but I can't really guarantee it just yet. I think it's best to wait until you have Private Messaging enabled to confirm a date & time. I can probably find a short (but not too short) journey across Central London for you to accompany me on. To avoid intruding into others' privacy in cramped conditions on trains, I might suggest a time outside the main peak travel times, though I do also use the Tube in the "high peak" - the busiest morning & evening times, often around 0830 & 1745 where I travel (which is fairly typical).
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