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    Trivia - stations with too many platforms

    Purley and Purley Oaks P1/2 see use during engineering (usually early Sunday morning). I arrived at Purley Oaks P2 and had a time exiting the platform with all the gates closed. Duly did P1 at the same time. Wandsworth Road Common fast line platforms (3/4) are hard ones to do... of course, it...
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    Lumo - new Open Access operator on the East Coast Main Line

    Willing to give them a try for 30 quid return to Newcastle. If nothing else, it's a day out. Managed to book on the inaugural service out of the cross, which I expect will be quite full.
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    Train delayed due to driver inhaling passenger's weed

    The skunk weed is the absolute worse... I've ran over a skunk (not intentionally I may add), and it didn't smell as bad as the weed. How people stomach inhaling that **** is beyond me. Unfortunately, my schnoz is hyper sensitive to the stuff and I have to move carriage is someone even has the...
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    RealTimeTrains website

    There's a x/o at Bracknell, although I think this requires someone on site.
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    Class 701 'Aventra' trains for South Western Railway

    For real?! I know Wimbledon work miracles on the 455s, but they are past it now- getting to be the 142s of the South. How quick could Siemens get a fleet of 707s built and ready to go?
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    Minimum connection time at Woking

    If you arrive at P3 at the back of a 10 car train, you are going to have to hustle to make a 5 minute connection on P1,5 or definitely 6; able bodied or not.
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    Diversions due to line closures in the Bristol area (August 2021)

    Currently, one of the tunnels under the Severn is not in use (don't know the reason), with Down trains using the Up line. May help if already in the area.
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    Occasional use gated platforms

    Bushey P3... Although this is like Peartree, where you need to be buzzed in.
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    The Great Britain Rail Timetable.What do you think of it?

    Read most of the replies, so sorry if repeating. I personally would add a disclaimer about data being correct within limits when the individual pdf timetables opens if possible? Maybe I'm just too cynical. For those wanting a good pdf viewer with a night mode (or set your own colours), I...
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    Stations not officially closed but with no services stopping

    Do Welsh Assembly powers supersede UK government powers, allowing them to close these stations indefinitely, until they are in a state of disrepair (like Newhaven)? TfW are not forthcoming with their intentions.
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    Stations not officially closed but with no services stopping

    Just looked into the details and the flight is weekdays only... not so good it you want to catch the one Sunday only train.
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    Wickford bay platforms

    I see what I did now... I was looking at the Sunday service on 6/6 (Realtime Trains - Departures from Wickford). Sanity partially restored. Anyhow, I'll drop it now :)
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    Wickford bay platforms

    Sometimes, I think I need to ban myself from the internet. I don't know what view I had on RTT that made me think this was even slightly possible. :oops:
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    Wickford bay platforms

    Looking at the timetable for Jun 3rd - Jun 21st, there appears to be enough time between trains to weave Liverpool Street - Southend services through P3 (as it's bidirectional) to connect with the service from P4. That would be too easy, though?
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    Trivia - stations with too many platforms

    P7 @ Inverness has one booked train on a Sunday. Huntingdon P1 is not used, and NR are going to remove the crossover used for shunting from the UM @ South Junction.