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GNER 373
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  • Hi GNER 373,

    I am 24 of years of age and looking for a trainee train position hopefully somewhere in the east. I am located in around Cambridge. I believe my CV is almost complete however I am currently doing a Health and safety course to add to the CV, I understand TOC'S are very hot on safety so hopefully this works in my favour. I am already a HGV driver.
    I see your already quite an accomplished Train Driver and I would really like to know if you could offer any good sound advice which possibly may help my CV be pushed to the front of the queue in terms of selection. I currently dont work for a train company so my application would be external. I have attended the course on How to become a train driver and they offered good advice but it was mainly on the application process and the interview etc. Currently right now I am just constantly checking TOC'S for vacancies for trainee train drivers, I do welcome any advice you could possibly pass on.
    starts at 7.30, ends at 10 or something...i only stay till 8.30 or 9 cause i have school. if you're just having a look in, don't think you have to pay.
    its on monday and thursday nights, i only go on mondays. in oo gauge we have a model of Newcastle Emlyn, with an extension being built; but that is on hold at the minute because the scenery on our oo gauge model of Blandford Forum is being redone for an exhibition appearance later in the year. great fun! :D
    I was thinking about going there I think it's a Thursday night isn't it? I was gonna go late on last year but didnt have anyone to go with, my friend wanted to go aswell but hrs an artist so busy with his paintings! Anyway is it good!? What sort of things do you do there? I love model trains but don't have any room in the house, which is why I was thinking about joining a club! Anyway I have a blog that covers railways pop over sometime www.craigs-railway-adventures.blogspot.com
    i've been into it for about 3 or 4 years now. i'm into modelling as well, i go to the newcastle club with my dad
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