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    Northern Unit Refurbishments

    155342 has gained moquette seat covers at some stage...
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    EHRC require LNER to improve accessible travel service

    I'm fairly sure no franchise TOC or Network Rail staff have been furloughed. In fact I recall the Emergency Measures Agreements specifically preclude use of the Furlough scheme.
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    Northern rail service increases in July

    Thats exactly the opposite of what you want, where depots have crossover in their route cards this gives you many more options to cover all of the work when there are shortages. If a particular depot has a lot of work that no one else signs, then if you have shortages at that depot you're...
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    Transpennine Route Upgrade and Electrification updates, CP6

    It's a bit further on than that, enabling works are underway; site access, compounds, cable tidying, even some earthworks sheet piling has begun.
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    Ex-Northern 321/9 and 322 for Greater Anglia

    It doesn't break it as such to my understanding - just doesn't work or doesn't behave as it should. Variously I've heard issues of Driver - Guard cab to cab being lost, very loud volume in one unit or the other, gibberish being produced on the screens etc etc, but in all cases I've heard of...
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    Ex-Northern 321/9 and 322 for Greater Anglia

    Fitment of incompatible PA systems.
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    Glasgow Queen Street refurbishment and remodelling

    Its also worth noting that the Building Control regime in Scotland has trodden a very different path to that of England on matters such as this.
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    Bi-mode and electric 5-car Azumas working in multiple on the Harrogate service

    A few months ago I saw a 5 car bimode and a 5 car electric running coupled from Doncaster to Leeds via Hambleton.
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    LNER Direct Award

    Old habits die hard....
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    LNER Direct Award

    Newton Heath would be quite an operational performance!
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    LNER Kings Cross to Leeds services

    Slight clarification. Theres only portion working proposed on the northbound Skipton/Huddersfield as far as I know.
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    History Of 'The Cleveland Executive' - Middlesbrough to London King's Cross

    Does anyone know how these were used? Was it a case of the HST having to do a double shunt from platform 2 to the sidings, or is there a long removed crossover that enabled the move?
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    How does Realtime Trains predict platforms?

    The example I've witnessed stood on the platform so to speak is Bradford Interchange.
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    Personal information collected by NHS Test and Trace to be kept for 20 years

    Quite. I came to the conclusion a while back that if it were the Apple-Google standard app then I would take part, but any deviation from that would make it a no from me. Test and Trace is more problematic individually though, as whilst you are in control of giving other peoples data to this...
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    How does Realtime Trains predict platforms?

    There is a system which uses ARS route setting (clearly only where available) in a similar fashion to your "point of no return berth" concept.