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  • Hey. That was for the trainee one. It went very well. Had my medical the other day and should get the job offer in the week I hope.

    You gone for it I take it? How's it going?
    Sorry I missed this message somehow. SWT knew because they had checked the central database. I thought it a bit cheeky that I had applied to them first but they put my application on hold, let LOROL pay for all the assessments and then as soon as I had passed they invited me for manager interview before my LOROL one. I stalled them and took the job with LOROL (which also happened to be better paid, had a closer depot and I didn't have to commute to Basingstoke to do the training).
    Hi there, I was wondering if you can please help me. i have my assessment next week and as you may have done yours can you tell me what the role play was on and the questions they asked you at the structured interview part? looking forward to hear from you.
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